DA declines to prosecute Washington


The Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office has declined to prosecute a rape case against Micah Washington. Washington was arraigned on one count of rape in Edgartown District Court in 2018, based on a charge brought by Edgartown Police. He was 28 at the time. The case subsequently went to Dukes County Superior Court, following an indictment. Washington was slated for trial in October. A filing dated Sept. 14, which was emailed to The Times by Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office spokesperson Tara Miltimore, states, the case won’t be prosecuted because of the “failure of the victim to cooperate.” The filing is signed by Assistant District Attorney Jessica Croker. Washington declined comment. 


  1. “Failure of the victim to cooperate”. Lets label a rape victim a “failure” because they dont want to endure the humiliation and trauma of a trial.

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