11 new COVID cases


COVID cases remain low with the Martha’s Vineyard boards of health reporting only 11 new cases.

According to a weekly report, of the 11 positive cases, 10 are being monitored by public health officials and one is not. There were five fully vaccinated and five unvaccinated individuals and one with an unknown vaccination status. Of the new cases, 10 were symptomatic and one had unknown symptoms.

Weekly COVID case totals have seen a steep decline since a high of 97 cases toward the end of August. Last week only eight cases were reported.

The low number of cases comes days after the hospital opened appointments for booster shot vaccine doses. Hospital communications specialist Marissa Lefebvre told The Times in an email that all 156 booster appointments were filled one hour after opening Friday evening.

Currently third dose booster shots are only for those who received their second dose of Pfizer six months ago and are either 65 years of age and older or 18 years and older with an underlying medical condition or who work or live in a high-risk setting.


  1. Well, that’s certainly an improvement: Only 218 new Covid19 cases confirmed on-Island in the past 30 days. It’s nothing to relax about yet though, especially considering our small, interdependent, off-season, rural community. ***Get vaccinated / wear masks / social distance 6′ / test and quarantine*** for our entire Martha’s Vineyard community and our off-season visitors. Do your own part to support all of US staying safe and healthy. That’s a true community.

  2. We still see the blue rinse crowd and late summer day – trippers not wearing masks on their tour buses, walking along the streets. We are not a zoo or destination that has different rules than the mainland. Post it on the boat, on telephone poles, that real masks must be worn while on MV.
    Take COVID19 and its Delta strain seriously!

    • Masks are required and needed indoors, not outdoors. Plenty of islanders and visitors are not wearing masks outside because transmission is very very difficult outdoors unless you can’t social distance(which hasn’t happened to me yet). Pretending indoor and outdoor protocols should be the same is counter productive IMO.

    • The Island has always been a petting zoo for day-trippers.
      The majority of people who consider themselves to be “real Islanders” first came here as day trippers.
      The zoo patrons account for 30% of the Islands GDP.
      All those T shirts, all those moped rentals, all that beer.

  3. Oh stop with the masks already….wearing masks outside is doing absolutely nothing for you except making you look foolish. 11 cases? On the whole island? The tourists are gone and it’s just going lower from here…get rid of this indoor mandate because me walking past a bar full of unmasked people while wearing my mask to go to the bathroom or find my table defies science. How many cases are low enough per the health board to stop this mandate? This mandate was started when the cases were at 97 in August. It’s almost to single digits, let’s move on and not continue the mantra “well the masks must be working so we will continue indefinitely”.

    • You seem fun. Way to denigrate people wearing a mask by calling them foolish, people who are doing it to protect others and/or themselves. Maybe we should, oh I don’t know, be over cautious in an effort to permanently defeat the virus to the point where we don’t have to do this dance until the end of time because people like you have decided they’re more knowledgeable about infectious diseases than people who have dedicated their professional lives to studying+eradicating infectious diseases.

  4. How many would be dead if we all wore masks, all the time, outside of our houses?
    Would the reduction in deaths be worth it?

    • Albert– No one ever proposed wearing masks all the time outside of your house.
      But if I may speculate about that, I would think if everyone did that it would have cut the death rate by about 80 %..
      So I definitely think saving 575,000 lives would be worth it.
      Wearing a mask is not that difficult.

  5. Oh, stop with the whining already. I can only imagine if the mask whiners were asked to actually sacrifice something for the good of all, what would they do? Wearing a mask is a tiny contribution to do your part– along with getting vaxed. I have grandchildren who are more mature, wear their masks without complaint, and care more about protecting others who are vulnerable than some of the supposed adult complainers here and on Islanders Talk. One crybaby there moaned that “some people work” while wearing masks, as if front line medical workers at the start didn’t work all day, every day wearing the same filthy PPEs while they cared for all of us. It’s so predictable–the minute numbers start going down the whining babies demand that masks be optional– so that they and all anti=maskers (and anti-vaxers) can disregard the health of everyone else. Me, me, me. First they had hissy fits when they had to stay home and businesses had to shutter. Now that they’re open, they’ve found something else to have fits over. It’s really a matter of courtesy when it comes down to it. Everyone wearing a mask is what works best for everyone. It’s proven. And it’s the considerate thing to do, even while numbers are down to single digits every day. Have patience. Whining is for dogs and babies. Wear your mask, get vaxed, and be a responsible citizen until…

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