Tisbury Police Glock remains missing

Tisbury Police Chief Chris Habekost says an outside investigation into the missing firearm would be fruitless, barring new leads. — Eunki Seonwoo

A Glock 27 handgun missing from the Tisbury Police Department armory remains missing, following an investigation by Tisbury Police Lt. Bill Brigham and Tisbury Police Sgt. Jeff Day.

As The Times previously reported, former Tisbury Police Chief Mark Saloio discovered the department was missing a handgun, and informed town administrator Jay Grande in a confidential 2019 memo. Saloio’s memo and police reports have shown former Tisbury Police Chief Dan Hanavan and former Tisbury Police Sgt. Tim Stobie disagreed as to which one last had the weapon. Those positions didn’t change when Lt. Brigham reached out to Hanavan and Stobie over the summer, and after The Times reported on the missing firearm.

In a brief report to Chief Chris Habekost, Lt. Brigham wrote that he spoke with Stobie about the Glock on July 26.

“He has no recollection as to where the handgun may be,” Brigham wrote. “He thought it had been issued to retired Chief Dan Hanavan.” 

Brigham noted the station was searched years ago to try to locate the weapon, without success.

“It was then entered into [the National Crime Information Center] as missing.”

On August 2, Brigham wrote that he spoke with Hanavan. “He also has no recollection on its whereabouts,” Brigham wrote. “He told me he doesn’t have it, never qualified with it, and was never issued it, as Tim Stobie recalled.”

In his memo, former Chief Saloio wrote that if the town opted to look deeper into the missing gun, “it would be appropriate to hire an outside investigational firm to look into this matter thoroughly, as many of the involved individuals are no longer associated with this agency.”

Grande was previously unable to say whether an external investigation was undertaken. Grande insisted it would have been up to Chief Saloio to move forward on such a thing. However, Chief Saloio’s memo clearly states, “Please advise me whether you would like any additional actions taken in regard to this matter.”

In a brief email to The Times, Habekost indicated he was disinclined to solicit an outside investigator to augment the work his department has done. “I am satisfied with the results of the investigation, and do not believe that an external investigation would be necessary or fruitful, minus any new leads or direction,” he wrote. 


  1. This constant refrain about the handgun, masks, vaccination et al, cases cases and cases. There a real problems out there like Biden calling parents ”domestic terorists” for confronting school boards. Uptiks in violence and murders, illegals swarming the borders, food and gas prices and of course the ineluctible climate change due to the dreaded fossil fuels. Reproductive rights for unwanted embryos is another one.How about unwanted grandmothers that some people dont want to look after? Can we get some serious issues reported please?

      • It’s another flip-flop from a person who doesn’t know an editorial from a news story, nor that local news is reported on by a LOCAL newspaper. He doesn’t understand investigative journalism, either. ENGELMAN lives in Florida, as he has bragged many times here. What’s ridiculous about his sudden and new concern for Grandma is that early on in the pandemic, ENGELMAN offered to sacrifice himself (as an old man most at risk of dying from covid) in order not to see the economy hurt by shutting down businesses. Now he’s worried about no one looking after old people, the very people he thought shouldn’t be at all considered to spare from death and disease if their lives interfered in holding businesses afloat? And somehow, throughout all his hypocrisy and flip-flopping and lack of truthfulness in commenting here, and the reaction to it, he continues. And he left off from his grump list, the January 6th attempted coup which was incited by his Chosen One, a designation he said he believed about Trump.

        ENGELMAN’s latest ire seems to be focused on this newspaper, even though they’ve been doing such excellent investigative reporting on issues that impact those of us who live here. Except for correcting blatant untruths and exposing his tendency toward plagiarism, best to ignore him.

        • Also, ENGELMAN views human beings at the Texas border trying to get here as “illegals swarming the border,” dehumanizing lives into less-than-human animals. But he’s the first to demand that a woman’s reproductive rights be taken away— That’s how much he cares about human beings who are living on this earth.

      • Carla– just because he’s paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after him.
        If a pandemic that has killed about 3/4 million Americans and climate disasters happening world wide don’t concern him, I guess he has to worry about made up stuff.
        But I wouldn’t let him within a mile of my grandmother, and she’s been dead for nearly 50 years.

    • Agreed Andrew! These “journalists” if that’s what they wish to be called, need to start reporting actual news. Get a life MV Times.

      • You should probably be reading the other local newspaper, not one that looks unblinkingly at everything impacting locals, including bad police, old-boy networking, misconduct by officials, hypocrisy, bullying, cover-ups, (investigating oneself, lol), and not being held accountable. The reporting at the Gazette tells a tale of another and very different Vineyard Haven, a perfectly and wonderfully run town that is happiness personified. They also do not allow criticism of their fairy tales, so surely you’d be happier over there. Reality just isn’t their thing.

        To help start you off:


    • Andy –21,500 murders in the us in 2020
      A fraction of covid deaths.
      You have correctly pointed out that more people die from heart attacks than covid, and therefore covid is insignificant and imply it is not worth reporting on.
      Since WAY more people die from covid than murder, the murder rate must be REALLY insignificant.
      Following your logic, I wonder why you think the times should be fear mongering about the national murder rate ? I have complete confidence that the Times will report any and all murders that happen on the island.
      Hopefully, no one will be killed with the missing Glock.

    • A lost gun is a serious issue.
      Some kid could have it and want to take it to school for show and tell.
      Trying to telling a woman what she may do with what is in her body is a serious issue.
      Who should be forced to take care of unwanted grandmothers/
      The same people who should be forced to take care of unwanted fetuses?
      Disrupting school board meetings is domestic terrorism.
      The same as smearing your fecal matter in the Capitol.
      The US does not have enough workers willing to do the available work.
      The labor shortage is choking our economy.
      We need more labor, willing to work.
      Is climate change is due, in part ,to the dreaded fossil fuels.
      Is the solution to climate change to significantly increase the use of fossil fuels?

  2. If this were a TV drama, *someone* would be lying. *Someone* would know where the handgun is. Sadly, it’s not a TV drama. Gross incompetence somewhere.

  3. …. because we all know that when “the police investigate the police”, the public interest in knowing where their Glock 9’s are located at all times is met, with honor!
    Such a deeply conscientious investigation by the TPD, carried out with the utmost duty of care to the citizens they are sworn to protect, is one we can all be proud of. With this sort of exemplary record, those same two TPD investigators should investigate all those recent lawsuits filed against the department.

  4. Slow news day at the Times. I suppose the Times is suggesting search warrants for all current and former employees of TPD residences to put this to rest. What would that story look like? “TPD over zealous search”. Beat that drum!

    • The TPD knows what happened to the gun.
      They ain’t sayn’.
      It’s time for search warrants.
      Before this gun ends up in the hands of a criminals,
      In or out of uniform.

  5. Ho-Ho-Hold the presses and Merry Christmas are you kidding! Sgt. ‘Distinctive Gait’ Day assisted in looking for the missing gun??? Did they check his pockets, based on past reports from the Times, he might have forgotten he put it there! Yup, things are looking like sunshine and blue skies for TPD going forward when you put the guy who shot the Turkey, was disciplined for another missing gun from Chilmark, makes false arrests under the mistaken belief he is somehow assisting society and you have him assisting in the investigation of the Hanavan-Stobie glock schlock… yup it all roses and butterflies here in Tisbury….

  6. Does anyone know where I can buy a police issue Glock on the cheap?
    Maybe from a ‘retired’ Chief?

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