Tisbury Police make arrest after multiple break-ins

At least six homes were vandalized.

Tisbury police arrested Patrick Lucas, 31, of Vineyard Haven, for a string of alleged break ins.

Updated 1 pm, Sunday

Tisbury Police have charged Patrick Lucas, 31, of Vineyard Haven, with several counts of vandalism and breaking and entering following a string of alleged break-ins Saturday night in the downtown Vineyard Haven area.

In an email to The Times, acting Tisbury Lt. William Brigham said police received a call that someone had entered a home on Franklin Street.

“The homeowner heard noises and encountered a male in her home. Upon seeing the homeowner, the male left,” Brigham said.

Police then received multiple calls from people in the area of Franklin Street, Greenwood Avenue, Main Street, and North William Street that a person had been inside their homes, with damage done to all the residences. 

Tisbury Police called for assistance from Oak Bluffs, Edgartown, West Tisbury, and State Police. The area was searched, and police found and arrested Lucas.

Lucas was transported to Dukes County Jail and charged with several counts of breaking and entering in the nighttime to commit a felony, several counts of vandalism, and larceny.

“He vandalized each home he entered,” Brigham said. “We are asking people living in this neighborhood to check their homes for any damage or any missing items. We also want to remind everyone to always be sure to lock their doors and windows.”

According to Brigham, at least six homes were broken into.

“There is no longer a danger to the public, as this person operated alone and again is in custody,” a Facebook post from the Tisbury Police reads.

Anyone with further information is asked to contact Det. Charlie Duquette at the Tisbury Police Department at 508-696-4240. More information will be released as the police progress in the investigation, according to Brigham.

Updated with additional details. -Ed.


  1. Waiting on tenterhooks for that update, Times.

    Curious to know more about other island towns’ police departments’ involvement in this operation.


  2. I guess it is asking for too much to call
    all those other island police departments for mutual aid to remove that other danger to public safety, the missing Glock 9 handgun?
    Always better to display resolute action on a one man crime spree by an unarmed suspect, rather than a missing lethal weapon

        • I’m asking because I was on the phone with this homeowner when the police arrived and there was no mention of a gun! So I’m wondering why you would mention it, and if you heard something we didn’t!

  3. Did they arrest the correct individual? Who investigated this crime, I certainly hope it wasn’t Sgt. Gobble-Gait! I wonder if they will actually get a conviction or will this be another plea deal based on a fictionalization of facts…..

    • This homeowner does not believe the right suspect was caught, no. She came face to face with him in her home and SHE FLED, not him. He SPOKE to her in a threatening tone and she ran out of the house and almost got ran over. They “caught” him 5 mins later. She stated she didn’t believe it was him, they spent 10 mins convincing her it was.
      So. How in those 5 mins did he break into 5 other homes on 3 other streets in the area???

  4. I’m certainly glad to see that it wasn’t the police Chief from Aquinnah up to his usual stunts (as reported in the Times). It seems to be the same M.O….

    • As some of your comments were funny, your random attack on the chilmark chief was uncalled for. How many mistakes have you made that make the paper?

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