Dog Walk for Fergus set for Oct. 17


A walk in honor of Fergus, a year-old yellow Lab controversially euthanized, will be held on Oct. 17 at the East Chop Beach Club parking lot. Fergus was allegedly taken from the Edgartown home of Ellen Harley by her son Richard (“Greg”) Worley and euthanized this past summer. Harley has alleged there was no reason to put Fergus down, and that family issues may have underpinned Worley’s actions. Worley alleged Fergus was dangerous, and had threatened children. 

A “Dog Walk for Fergus” aims to “raise money for Fergus Dog Rescue, an Island-based nonprofit. The nonprofit’s mission would be “to shelter, foster, and rehome abandoned, neglected, and abused dogs,” a press release states. After the walk there will be a raffle, beverages and information about legislation the group is hoping to introduce called “Fergus’ Law,” according to a release.

“‘Fergus’s Law’ will be aimed at preventing a tragedy like this from ever happening again,” a release states. “The general concept of the legislation will be that before a dog can be put to sleep for behavioral reasons, a local rescue must be contacted, or an individual who is certified in canine behavior must evaluate the dog.”

​​The walk starts at 9 am. More information can be found at:


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