Aquinnah: Wear something orange

— Kyra Steck

The Derby has ended, and deer hunting season has started — it actually started a couple of weeks ago, but we were all still focused on the Derby. So, a friendly reminder that if you go for a walk in the woods in areas where people can hunt, wear something orange and to pay extra attention, so you don’t get shot with an arrow. There is no hunting allowed on Sundays.
Congratulations to Chris Manning and Isaac Taylor who are the new lighthouse and assistant lighthouse keepers, respectively. I know this team will bring a wonderful energy to the care of the lighthouse.
Trick-or-treating is going to happen in Aquinnah on Halloween, next Sunday, from 5 to 8 pm. If you would like to be on the list of houses that give out candy, please let me know. We would like to do this with as little contact as possible, since COVID is still a thing. Last year people set up the candy outside their homes on tables and had individually wrapped items, so that kids were not sticking their hands in the same bowl over and over. That worked well if people would like to do the same thing again this year.
I caught up with Rosa Parker, our head librarian, the other day, and it turns out that she graduated from UMass Lowell back in May and I completely missed it. Rosa has been going to school and getting her degree for the last few years while working full time at the Aquinnah Public Library and the Edgartown library. Congratulations, Rosa, I bet you’re glad you’re done. At the library this Thursday from 3 to 4 pm, the book group will meet to discuss Beryl Markham’s “West with the Night.” The group will meet outside on the library deck, weather permitting, or virtually if there is inclement weather. Email to register. The staff at the library would love to see all the ghosts, goblins, princesses, and other costumed kids on Oct. 30 between noon and 3 pm for trick-or-treating.

It sounds like the first Indigenous Peoples Day event at Felix Neck was a success. About 200 people came to hear many members of the tribe talk about their history on-Island, and the fact that they are still here even in the face of widespread genocide against Native Americans across America. I wish that I could have attended.
Thank you everyone who posted pictures of Cranberry Day, which was on Oct. 12. I love seeing all the children with their baskets full and surrounded by their families. It was a beautiful day, and after harvesting cranberries many people went on to the beach. Emerson Mahoney is off on his next adventure to British Columbia to work with his cousin, David Vanderhoop. Wishing them all the best in their endeavors. Congratulations to Sandra Melkonian who has adopted a new 75-pound puppy, Stryker! He is so handsome and looks like he will be a kind companion. Lots of birthdays coming up as we leave the Libra time of balance and enter the Scorpio, it’s-all-about-me time. Happy birthday to Jenna Langer on Oct. 22, Chris Belain and Diana Lee Parker on Oct. 23, Curtis Langer on Oct. 24, and Isaac Taylor on Oct. 25.

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