New and recycled granite curb accents Beach Road project


Motorists and pedestrians passing along Beach Road may have noticed the granite curbing being installed on the roadside doesn’t all look the same — some sections are smoother, some are rough-hewn. This is because some granite curbing is being recycled.

“The project calls to reuse the existing granite curb, which is common practice on roadway reconstruction projects,” Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) spokesperson Judith Reardon Riley wrote. “MassDOT specifications call for small or damaged pieces to be discarded, and the larger, sound pieces are reused. Crews attempt to reuse this aged granite in continuous runs. New granite is required at the wheelchair ramp and driveway transitions, as older sidewalks did not have transition stones existing at these locations.”

At one point on Beach Road near a small beach next to Tisbury Wharf, contractors could be seen last week installing unusually tall-looking sections of curb into the road edge. Reardon Riley wrote that 36-inch deep sections of curb were part of beach nourishment for that area, “to properly anchor the curbing in the ground for added support and to retain the curb against the beach nourishment cobbles.”

The new pieces of granite curbing for the project were supplied by Williams Stone from East Otis, Reardon Riley wrote. 



  1. Beach nourishment and cobbles to hold back the water in that small section of road is a big bag of horse manure someone is tryi g to sell.
    As seen during the Wednesday northeaster, or during hurricanes and our normal 30 knot winds ,the water and waves that take 2 ton (+) boats and throw them around like toys that curb and cobbles are not even a band aid to stop it from crumbling. If I’m remembering correctly a few years back, a sail boat was tossed up on the road there. Hmmm a large sail boat crashing against that curb in concrete in sand ?
    When will the state engineers have some real foresight?
    Any true marine engineer will tell you that a barrier of stone before the curb, similar to what Mr Packer put in for his parking lot is what is needed. You see such retention stone along the bluffs in West or East Chop. Or use tetripod breakers to minimize the wave and storm action. Don’t even think that a 36 inch curb set in concrete and in sand will hold anything back for very long.

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