Edgartown Police aid elderly resident

Edgartown Police Sergeant Jonathan Searle, shown here getting interviewed for a public service campaign, helped an elderly Edgartown woman get a meal. -Jeremy Driesen

On Thursday, Edgartown Police received a report of an elderly woman in need of a welfare check. It was reported the woman had been without power since the previous day. Edgartown Police Sgt. Jonathan Searle responded to the residence, and discovered the woman was “sitting in the dark, starting to get cold, and had only eaten some cereal as she was unable to cook,” a report states. “After pressing her as to what she wanted for dinner, she stated that she would love a cheeseburger.”

Officer Gary Kovack went to get one, Searle wrote.

Sgt. Searle then reached out to Eversource, a report notes, and learned power would be restored in 20 minutes. 

“Ofc. Kovack arrived with the cheeseburger and fries, courtesy of Rockfish,” a report states. “We remained with [the woman] for a short while until the power was restored. We ensured that the furnace was operational, and heat was on.”

“Being a small community, we’re fortunate to have the time and resources to offer that extra bit of service,” Edgartown Police Lt. Chris Dolby told The Times. “And our officers enjoy doing that.”


  1. This is why defunding the police is a dumb idea.
    Having said that, this is why we should get more funding for community services.
    It’s really sad to think that this woman had no one checking in on her.

    • Defunding the police is about defunding bad attitude cops.
      Not cops like Edgartown’s finest.
      Think TPD for cop defunding .

  2. This is the kind of heartwarming human interest story that was so typical of the Times and the Gazette when I first moved to the island in the 90’s.

    This was a nice break from all the tension and fighting that seems to dominate the pages today.
    Thank you for printing this sweet story.

  3. I know Jon, so his concern doesn’t surprise me. He is exactly the type of police officer we need. He cares about his community and the people in it. I don’t know Ofc. Kovack, but kudos to him as well as Rockfish.

  4. A testament to the fact that all people, all human beings can find the humanity of caring for others, especially those in difficult circumstances.

    • Unfortunately so many of the “guys” go above and beyond the acceptable.
      Think the last Sargent to “resign” from the EPD

  5. Love this island!! I witnessed a West Tisbury police officer single handedly moving a large tree off of South road early this morning. I thought to myself this would not happen in too many places. Thank you so much West Tisbury PD officer you probably prevented an accident. It was still dark and drivers may not have seen it until it was too late. I feel so lucky to call this my home

  6. Doesn’t surprise me at all, Jon is a good guy, a fine example of community policing, it happens a lot more than these guys get credit for.

  7. I am proud to know some of the finest Police Officers I have ever met are right here on Martha’s Vineyard

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