Appreciative of help


To the Editor:

On Friday, Oct. 29, about 2:30 pm, I found a crew working on trees in my area across from Hillside Village. They ended up following me on foot, and in their truck, about one and a half blocks away from where they were working, so I could show them another tree on the line. As we approached the area, there was another crew on Central Avenue working. They all confirmed both from my picture and their walk down the grassy lane that something more needed attention. An Eversource employee was there as well, and they needed to call in more help, which they did to resolve the problem. Five workers waited, and I had an opportunity to talk to some of them who recently returned from Louisiana, where they helped restore power in that area. My issue was nothing like the challenges they faced in Louisiana, but they took the same seriousness and expertise in their work as I know they demonstrated in a much more heart-rending situation. 

How do I ever thank those five for listening, and believing in me and what I shared? They were the lifeline to power that night for me and several other neighbors, and we are ever so grateful! Many thanks for all the work Eversource provided on the Island to many more than me — we are all so appreciative!


Betsy Cabana
Vineyard Haven