Man who struck cruiser failed to show at court


Reniclis Albino, who allegedly sideswiped a Tisbury Police cruiser with a dump truck in February, failed to appear for his scheduled court date on Thursday morning at Edgartown District Court or on Zoom. Judge Paul Pino issued Albino a default warrant for his failure to show up. 

The crash happened on Feb. 19 at Lagoon Pond Bridge, damaging the driver’s side of the cruiser. The collision sent Tisbury Police Officer Patrick Souza to the hospital, but he fortunately had only minor injuries to his neck and face. 

At his arraignment in June, Albino pleaded not guilty before Judge Benjamin Barnes on charges of unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, a marked lanes violation, and an expired inspection sticker. Judge Barnes told Albino at the time the charges he faced do not require a court-appointed attorney, although additional charges might be coming. 

In August, Albino came before Judge Edward Lynch. Judge Lynch told Albino through a Portuguese interpreter that he did not qualify for court-appointed counsel. Albino chose to represent himself. Cape and Islands Assistant District Attorney Michael Preble told the court at the time a charge of negligent operation of a motor vehicle was expected. Judge Lynch said at the time an investigation could lead to a charge of operating to endanger. 

Officers will arrest Albino for the no-show at court. 


  1. Judge Paul Pino probably released him on his own personal recognizance and he definitely has had a super major head start to run. Story doesn’t say.
    I never did have any respect for our island`s court justice especially with these types of incidences.
    “A default warrant `can result` in Albino’s arrest”.Arprised What a disgraceful joke and a shameful system!
    Am I surprised, absolutly not!!

  2. With no prior convictions being released on his own personal recognizance is pretty standard procedure.

    “head start to run”, the Island will be better off if he never returns.
    How much will a 30 day court ordered Island vacation cost the the Island taxpayers?

    “respect for our island`s court justice” Does our Island court system respect you?
    I would be surprised.

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