Sole Circuit Avenue bid is $1.65 million

A conceptual design of parallel parking on Circuit Avenue. The town has one bidder on the streetscape project.

Lawrence-Lynch Corporation is the sole bidder for the Circuit Avenue streetscape improvement project with a bid of $1.65 million.

The bid, which was unsealed Monday, is not automatically awarded to Lawrence-Lynch even though it is the sole bid, according to assistant town administrator Wendy Brough. The select board evaluates the proposal and has 30 days to award the contract. 

Brough told The Times she had to review if the bid could be released or if it was exempt from public record law since it is currently under evaluation.

The Circuit Avenue project is one piece of the town’s downtown streetscape project funded by $2.7 million approved by voters at the 2020 town meeting. The project focuses on Circuit Avenue North, Circuit Avenue South, Kennebec Avenue, Healey Square, and a portion of Lake Avenue. Improvements include new widened sidewalks, trash cans, streetlights, and crosswalks, and provide accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Healey Square would also be redesigned and get a brand-new look by removing the large planters at both ends.

The streetscape design was generally favored by members of the public and the town select board, but continues to be contentious over its incorporation of parallel parking on Circuit Avenue. The project design, including parallel parking, was approved by the board in a split 3-2 vote.

But voters will take up the parallel parking issue Tuesday night at a special town meeting. A petition article asks that town voters decide on whether to change the diagonal parking to parallel parking through a ballot vote at the 2022 annual town election. The petition article also asks that the Circuit Avenue and Healey Square areas of the project take priority over other areas.



  1. Seems not enough attention has been given to letting islanders know that residents of OB will also be voting on prohibiting moped rentals tonight. Stopping more lives from being lost to moped accidents is important. I hope the community shows up to vote tonight at 7pm Oak Bluffs School.

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