Hospital begins pediatric COVID vaccines

Owen Malik, 5, and his mother Allyson Malik. Owen was the first eligible child to get a COVID-19 vaccine. - Brian Dowd

The Martha’s Vineyard Hospital administered its first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines for children ages 5 to 11 Thursday morning.

Owen Malik, 5, was the first Island child to get the COVID vaccine in the 5 to 11 age-range. Owen, a kindergarten student, was accompanied by his parents Allyson Malik and Rizwan Malik.

Owen was the first of around 100 kids scheduled to get their vaccine through the hospital’s drive-through vaccine tent. After Owen’s parents filled out forms, Kelly Santos administered the shot. Owen looked away, but was able to get his shot. After the quick jab, Owen got a superhero Band-Aid plus a treat for his bravery.

“Do you want a lollipop?” Santos asked.

“Yeah,” a watery eyed Owen replied. 

The hospital opened COVID-19 vaccines for children ages 5 to 11 earlier this month, following approval from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

To sign children up, parents or guardians can use the hospital’s online scheduling platform at, clicking the yellow banner at the top page, and following the prompts.


  1. How fittingly ironic that on veterans day, brave 5 to 11 year old’s are stepping up to vanquish this enemy.
    Thank you, Owen.

  2. Don, thank you for words I could not have said better myself. These children and their parents join us as heroes. So many many thanks for joining us in this battle. My staff thank you, I thank you. We can beat this if we stick together and do the right thing.

    • Beat what Denise? At this point, that phrase in reference to covid sounds literally delusional as even the craziest of countries, i.e., Australia, NZ, etc. have given up on the zero covid goal & narrative. I wish it were as easy as a magic shot or pill or timeframe, but the goal now should just be on living with the disease; therapeutics, education, and prevention.

      • Edie– I hate to break it to you but the concept of zero covid cases has long ago succumbed to the reality of this disease.
        The only time anyone talks about zero cases, is when a conservative lies about what liberals want.
        It’s a funny paradox that sometimes conservative covid deniers will tell you that the liberals want lots of cases because — I don’t know, they never say why. Then, sometimes they say the liberals want zero cases…
        Any rational person knows we will not get to zero cases anytime in the foreseeable future.
        People like Owen and his parents are doing exactly what any sane person who values their life or the lives of their children would do.
        The big word here is “prevention” — and yes Edie, that magic shot does just that.
        It could be possible to get to zero cases. Smallpox was eradicated decades ago– polio is non existent in most of the developed world.
        Unfortunately, we have a significant portion of the population that thinks the vaccine has some sort of microchip, or poison that will somehow alter your dna.. So we have to live with it because of ignorance and lies.
        The U.S is still averaging about 1,000 deaths a day.
        Think about that —-
        If 4 commercial jets crashed ever day in this country and killed 1,000 people would you just say that we should live with it ?
        Some of us want better Edie– and we are willing to step up and do the patriotic thing to protect ourselves and our fellow Americans.

      • The goal is is zero Covid cases.
        Goals are rarely reached.
        Living with the disease is dying with the disease.
        We do not have to live with it.
        We know how to eradicate it.
        Therapeutics, education, and prevention.
        Drugs, teach that masks and vaccines reduce spread, vaccines.
        Three easy steps.

        • Have they eradicated the common cold or flu? Give me a break, you can’t really think that the vaccine will eradicate Covid. I don’t even think fauci and CNN are saying that. You are only protecting your self. Like an allergy pill or rain jacket. It’s pretty clear with all the data

          • No one is saying that Covid will be eradicated in the near term.
            Just the death rate reduced, considerably.
            There are no absolutes in life.
            Allergies do kill,
            That is why we take drugs for them.

        • Albert per your previous comment about allergies, thank you so much for saying that exactly the way you did. I personally don’t have allergies. Thus there is no reason for me take an allergy pill to help your allergy pill work. Also you clearly said “ We know how to eradicate it”. So yes you did say that.

  3. Thank you Owen and the Malik family for showing us all what responsible citizens do to protect themselves and our community. Rock stars, all three of you. Especially Owen!

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