16 new COVID cases

There were 16 new COVID cases last week Nicole Jackson

There were 16 new COVID-19 cases reported last week — a four-fold increase from the previous week’s cases.

Of the 16 new cases, 10 were reported at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, three at TestMV, and three at other providers. There are 12 cases being followed by public health officials and four that are not. There were 13 symptomatic cases, two with no symptoms, and one with unknown symptoms. Of the new cases, 11 were fully vaccinated, four were unvaccinated, and the vaccination status of one was unknown. There has now been a total of 2,114 confirmed positive cases on the Island since the pandemic began in March of 2020.

Meanwhile, the hospital began rolling out vaccines for children aged 5 to 11 last week. The hospital opened COVID-19 vaccines for children ages 5 to 11 earlier this month, following approval from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

To sign children up, parents or guardians can use the hospital’s online scheduling platform at mvhospital.org, clicking the yellow banner at the top page, and following the prompts.


  1. When is everyone going to realize that at some point, unless you quarantine at home, we will all get Covid? this is why we need to continue the vaccine information, hopefully we can convince more people to get “vaxxed”.

    I’m hoping the vaccine will keep me out of the hospital and lessen symptoms, if I get it.

  2. More fear writing by saying four fold case increase. Of course cases would rise considering there were only 4 last week. The positive spin is that we are averaging 15 cases a week over the last 8. The goal to reach moderate levels according to the cdc and the doctors on the zoom last week is 10 per week. We are heading in the right direction considering that has been the overall average over the last 3.

  3. Michael– Interesting that you see a “positive spin” with the fact that we had more cases this week then the average of the last 8 weeks.
    I guess that’s why they call it “spin”

    • In the past, cases have hit 100 a week, then dropped to nearly zero, only to spike back to 100 and drop again. It’ll be interesting to see if the cases rise back up to 100 in the next few weeks. If it does, the pattern of the last year is persisting. If it doesn’t, it means we’ve entered a new phase.

    • Don: Doesn’t it make you feel good all over when people make the simplest of efforts to preserve the ability to live through each day, keeping themselves and those around healthy?

  4. It’s one week, relax. Cases will go up after the upcoming holidays. Relax. The spikes are predictable, Relax. Stop the fear. People act like Covid is some doomsday hollywood movie. Enough already. It’s not. We know this. Relax

    • Relax, what are the chances of a loved one dyeing of Covid.
      Covid has been doomsday for 780,000 Americans.
      More to follow.

  5. I understand that cases went “up” but honest question. Does anyone have the numbers on how many people have been hospitalized? Just because we have people getting Covid doesn’t mean people are sick sick. Also on top of being hospitalized, people sometimes are required to stay for monitoring or just some fluids. Everyone on this island just assumes that if someone’s hospitalized they must be on a ventilator. It’s not true at all. Right up there with med flights. Currently the only way off this island to another hospital. When I was younger med flights were bad news. Now, just another day.

      • Valid point Albert. What about cardiovascular deaths? Vehicular deaths? Overdoes deaths? Suicide deaths? No one cares/tries as hard with those. Those numbers aren’t published daily in every newspaper. Everyone just goes on with their life because the media doesn’t shove it down your throat.

        • In 2020 heart disease was the leading cause of death in the US. In 2021, covid became the leading clause of death in the US. We still have 1000 people dying of covid every day and yet that is not enough for some people to get vaccinated and put their damn mask on in public indoors, and quit their griping about their freedumbs.

        • Also, Charles, answers to your questions are readily available and take less time to look up than it takes to whine on here.

  6. Michael: There is an unknown person(s) passing a contagion to new hosts, very likely that unknown person does not mask or maintain distancing guidelines. They may even have been vaccinated and while not being infected themselves, can still carry the virus and breath it on others. While the concept of herd immunity is argued by some, that weekly average means it’s not happening on the Vineyard.

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