Mattress stuffing stuffs jail waste pipe

Mattress stuffing plugged up a toilet at the Dukes County Jail.

A mass of mattress stuffing plugged up a sewer line at the Dukes County Jail on Nov. 11, and required a septic crew to remedy. The problem was discovered when a cell was inspected before a person was to be placed in it, according to a report. The toilet was found to not be properly flushing. The sheriff’s department staff couldn’t dislodge the clog, according to a report, and Maciel and Sons was called to address the problem.

“They removed a large amount of mattress filling from the waste pipe,” a report states. Maciel and Sons got the toilet working, and did preventive “snaking” on the plumbing in another cell, which resulted in the removal of “at least one surgical mask.”

In an email to The Times, Assistant Deputy Superintendent of Operations Greg Arpin wrote that there is no ongoing investigation, as it was “difficult to determine” who was behind the clog.


  1. So, despite extensive CCTV within the complex, including the individual cells, the authority to conduct unannounced inspections, as well as records reflecting who was assigned to particular rooms, and therefore the mattress, Sheriff Ogden still could not determine the identity of the drain-stuffer?
    It sounds like Sheriff Ogden has lost control of the complex, if he ever had effective control.

  2. Going after Tisbury police relentlessly and now after Sheriff Ogden because of a clogged toilet. ”Lost control” is hyperbole dont you think?

  3. Mr Kozak brings up a valid point, and it leads to some troubling questions:

    Where’s the video?

    Was there ever an investigation into this matter? Superintendent Arpin’s comment doesn’t make that clear.

    Was video reviewed, but produced inconclusive results?

    If video doesn’t exist, why not?

    As Mr Kozak states, and as I, and others, would concur, the Olde Edgartowne Gaol is under extensive video surveillance in every area of that facility, among other security measures.

    So… is the lack of video indicative of a failure of that system, or clever concealment by the Toilet-Stuffer, or something more sinister, like, say example, a practice designed to reduce accountability and liability of the staff, and, ultimately, the Sheriff, who is charged with the duty of ensuring video security measures are operating? It would be a shame if an inmate had to be ‘subdued’ and there was no record proving that the keepers acted professionally, legally, and in accordance with their training, right?


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