Beach Road sidewalk replaced again

New sidewalk came up for a second time Wednesday on beach Road — Rich Saltzberg

Recently poured sidewalk on Beach Road in Vineyard Haven has been demolished for a second time. Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) contractors smashed and cleared away a small section of sidewalk Wednesday. A worker said the reason was because somebody had ruined the section while it was curing. In an email to The Times, MassDOT spokesperson Judith Reardon Riley emailed the following about the demolition: “Two panels of concrete sidewalk recently placed were damaged while the concrete was curing. These damaged panels were removed and replaced by the contractor at the contractor’s expense.”

MassDOT contractors previously demolished all the sidewalks they initially poured on Beach Road because the concrete didn’t have the brown and tan pebbly texture Tisbury has requested. The work cost an extra $50,000, according to MassDOT. The sidewalk taken up Wednesday had the type of surface Tisbury requested.


  1. I hope the Times will let us know when they find out what the actual damage was that necessitated it’s removal .
    My guess, given the Prima Donna attitude that seems to be driving this train wreck, is that a few ants or perhaps even a leaf got stuck in it . Ants are “somebody” , after all.
    What’s a few more tons of carbon emissions anyway ?

  2. The new utility poles seen to be leaning, some more than others. Has anyone else noticed? Are they supposed to be that way?

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