Union Street closed in Vineyard Haven

Union Street in Vineyard Haven was closed Wednesday for a construction project. -Rich Saltzberg

Apparent utility connection work for the Stone Bank project has closed Union Street in Vineyard Haven Wednesday. The Stone Bank project is a condo and restaurant development underway at the former Sovereign Bank building in Vineyard, a historic stone structure. The developer is Sam Dunn. The street was shut at 8am and will be closed until 4 pm, according to the Tisbury Police Department. On Thursday the street will be closed form 8 am to 4 pm too for paving work.


  1. With businesses still reeling after months of closures due to Covid you would think that developers and town boards would have some consideration when planning these projects. Closing this street reduces parking and eliminates most walking traffic by these stores that have product to sell. Another case in point is OB. The Select Boards frantic need to change to parallel parking has all but destroyed this lovely street with massive trucks, bull dozers and tree removal. Again, couldn’t someone have had the good sense to start all this activity after New Years for the sake of the business owners and shoppers? Wasn’t COVID’s destruction enough? Now this?

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