Select board approves Tisbury School project invoices

The Tisbury select board authorized town administrator Jay Grande to pay of $1.1 million worth of Tisbury School project invoices on Friday.

During a Friday select board meeting that sported an agenda wholly for alcohol, lodging, and common victualler licenses — all but one of them approved — an “unanticipated item” arose, according to human resources coordinator Pam Bennett, who is temporarily serving as administrative assistant to the select board. 

“We revised the agenda, but I didn’t even have time to send it to you,” Bennett told the board. 

The select board went on to unanimously approve $1.1 million worth of invoices for the Tisbury School renovation and addition project, and to authorize future invoices to be managed by town finance director Jonathan Snyder and town administrator Jay Grande. The move appeared in part designed to eliminate the redundancy of the select board voting on school project invoices directly, and later voting on the invoices as part of routine payment warrants. 

“The invoices that were approved by the school committee did, technically, make them subject to the select board approval. I know I acted in the past as your agent. I’ve already submitted them for approval under my signature. I sent you a list of four invoices from Tappé and four invoices from Daedelaus, which is now CHA, and I think just to make sure there are no particular issues, I would like to get that approved.”

Grande went on to say, “The second part of this is to authorize myself and Jon Snyder, more importantly, going forward to approve and authorize these payments. As you know, Jon Snyder, the finance director, is doing all the borrowing exercise, and he will be tracking the cash flow out of those proceeds from the bonds. So I think in order to streamline the invoicing and payment process, we should have this on our regular agenda, and they should go directly to him and then he’ll authorize payment and submit them to his staff [and] the town accountant. That is, I believe, a more efficient way of dealing with it.”

After approving the invoices, the board unanimously authorized Grande and Snyder to deal with future invoice directly. 

It’s unclear why votes for the invoices could not have been reasonably anticipated. On Wednesday, the select board approved a $3.4 million lease for modular classrooms. The lease for those classrooms was approved by the Tisbury School Committee on Tuesday, as were the invoices the select board voted on Friday. Why those invoices couldn’t have been placed on the board’s Wednesday meeting agenda and voted on then wasn’t made clear on Friday. Grande couldn’t immediately be reached for comment on the subject. 


  1. Let’s see, by-passing the bored of selectmen to make things more efficient in Tisbury?!!!? Sounds more like an avoidance technique to remove any future blame/shame the selectmen might face. It’s unfortunate they didn’t have this loophole in place for the Manson House!!!

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