Green contract with Nantucket terminated

Laura Green said her contract with Nantucket "simply expired," but it was terminated ahead of the June 30, 2022, expiration date.

Laura Green, Ph.D., misled readers when she wrote in a comment on The Times website that her contract “simply expired” with the Nantucket schools.

Green, a toxicologist who has advocated for the synthetic turf field at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, was responding to an editorial written by The Times. “Not sure where you get your information,” Green wrote. “As reported by the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror, ‘An email from [Nantucket] schools superintendent Beth Hallett’s office said Green’s consulting contract simply expired Dec. 17.’”

That contradicts Green’s contract with Nantucket, which shows the agreement wasn’t due to expire until June 30, 2022.

Asked why she misled the public, Green wrote, “I’m sorry, but you’re incorrect.” She then wrote that her office is closed until Jan. 3, and hasn’t responded to follow-up questions.

Later, Hallett wrote to The Times and backtracked on the “simply expired” comment she made to the Nantucket newspaper. “You are not correct,” Hallet wrote about the end of Green’s association with the Nantucket project. “Although the contract you obtained has an expiration date of June 30, 2022, the Nantucket Public Schools and Green Toxicology mutually agreed to end the contract on Dec. 17, 2021, as is our right with an at-will contract as stipulated in Section B1. Neither Dr. Green nor I are keeping anything from the public.”

When The Times pointed out that “mutually agreed to end the contract” and “simply expired” are not the same thing, Hallett did not respond.

The end of Green’s consulting work on the Nantucket field project came just days after Greenwire of E & E News first reported the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had disavowed Green’s comments downplaying the health effects of per- and poly-fluoralykyl substances, more commonly referred to as PFAS. The Times independently confirmed that with the EPA.

Green remains a special government employee with the EPA, but has never worked for the agency on PFAS. In an email from the EPA to Green, she has been counseled on how to appropriately refer to her EPA position when consulting on PFAS.

Asked to clarify how Green’s contract ended, given the contradictory statements by Hallett, Nantucket school committee chair Timothy Lepore responded with a one-line email: “I did not negotiate that contract, but I think the discrepancy is telling.”



  1. Dear Laura Green,

    Your response to Susan Desmarais was simply appalling. And quite revealing of who you are. I hope I speak for many other Vineyarders when I say we have no use for you.

    Julie JAFFE

  2. What is with this assault by the Times on Dr Green? Give it a rest and dig into why and how one person has been able to literally “move the goal posts” and deny a project that has received all the approval it needs to become a reality. It’s way past time to fix the disaster we call an athletic facility.

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