MVRHS meeting will focus on homeless shelter


A meeting scheduled by the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School for 5:30 pm on Monday, Jan. 10, will focus on a request by Martha’s Vineyard Community Services to use their old early childhood education building as a temporary homeless shelter. The high school is the landlord for the leased land that community services uses. In 2020, community services began expanding their campus and broke ground on a new early childhood building, so the old building is currently not in use. 


  1. Great idea! Put a homeless shelter next to a pre-school and across the street from the High School. What could go wrong!

    • Packed this full of judgement now didn’t you, John. You do realize that being unhoused, especially on this absurdly expensive island, is not necessarily correlated with criminal activity, substance use, or being even unemployed–right? Get involved in your own community before spewing this kind of BS.

  2. John, some will use the ”blame the victim” card. You cannot say these kinds of things on MV–they are so politically incorrect. The homeless are innocent victims of white privilege and systemic racism and provoke no harm to anyone.

  3. We need a homeless shelter. The staff of the shelter will have serious responsibility in this location.

  4. I think it’s a great idea. It’s on a bus route and easy to access. Keeping it in the same location night after night, allows for continuity of care and sleep. It allows for those who run the shelter, a home base. Changing locations must be challenging. Folks who find themselves homeless, may also find much needed wrap around services in the same location, under the umbrella of MVCS. That makes a lot of sense to me. I hope the high school agrees to this. I think it’s a good idea .

  5. How a community responds to the needs of those who are most needy and most at risk is the measure of that community.

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