UPDATED: Coastal storm floods Five Corners


Updated 11 am Jan. 17

A coastal storm that dumped a lot of rain Monday has forced Tisbury officials to close Five Corners due to flooding. While the rain is over, the water had not receded as of 11 am. 

Earlier, the storm’s heavy wind forced the Steamship Authority to cancel some ferries. Ferry service is now operating.

Meanwhile, TestMV delayed opening its asymptomatic testing site at the Ag Hall due to the weather conditions, according to Mary Breslauer, a spokeswoman for TestMV.

The site will open at 12 pm on Jan. 17. Appointments made between 9 am and 12 pm will be honored between 12 pm and 4 pm as long as weather conditions permit.

Martha’s Vineyard has seen a record number of new COVID-positive cases in recent weeks.


  1. Australia had a severe lockdown and is now 90 percent vaccinated but Omicron cases are skyrocketing. What does that say about all the people who were certain of the measures taken to stop the spread. Yes I know, it lessened the spread and fewer died.. “A strange unity of confusion is emerging,” the Washington Post reports, “a common inability to decipher conflicting advice and clashing guidelines coming from government, science, health, media and other institutions. On seemingly every front in the battle against the coronavirus, the messages are muddled: Test or don’t test? Which test? When? Isolate or not? For five days? Ten? Go to school or not? See friends and resume normal life, or hunker down again?”

    • You do realize that the vial strains are actually different viruses? Why can you imagine if sites like the CDC and others help you understand , but only if you choose to do actual homework

    • Although Australia did have a weather related record of hitting 123 degrees F the other day. As storms, temps, melting ice, erosion and weather get worse, we still have climate change deniers.

      • I wasn’t ranting. I was adding needed context to your half-truths.

        There is no certitude when it comes to a virus beyond that it’s capable of adapting and causing harm. Best not to spread it in the first place. It’s been proven that doing so leads to a lot of death and, with this particular disease, chronic illness.

        When something turns out to be wrong, I accept it and amend my approach. Can you say the same?

        No one knows exactly what will happen down to the letter, but we do have facts to work with. There are people who feel Omicron will end this. Many experts have reason to believe it will keep mutating for the reasons explained. So far, they’ve been right. I am concerned they will be again. I’m looking to those with the most solid track record. I don’t expect crystal ball results, just up-to-the-minute information. Adjust your expectations.

        The AMA still asserts that vaccines can help lessen the spread. I’ve found no studies that would indicate they’re wrong. There are definitely a lot of breakthrough cases with Omicron, but the vaccine remains helpful and necessary for multiple reasons. That’s far more than I can say for doing nothing and watching people die.

        I’ve tried to avoid making predictions here the entire time, although everything I’ve suspected in terms of human behavior has come true. You have said the virus wouldn’t take 1,000 lives in this country. It did. You said it would disappear come November 2020. That was 14 months ago. It’s still raging. You said it was over. Along came Delta. Meanwhile, the professionals that you discount so easily were more on point. If you feel compelled to go against what the majority of experts see as wise and what has been found to benefit us all thus far, you’re putting a contrarian nature above public good.

        You say you don’t trust politicians. In many cases, I don’t either. Doesn’t matter. Look outside your door. Read the obits. Talk to an ER doctor or nurse in a surging spot. Ask a funeral home in a city how unusually busy they’ve been. COVID doesn’t start and stop with Washington. This is happening right in front of our eyes. I’m in touch with health care workers who are BEGGING us to take precautions. We the public are failing our medical support system, yet everybody expects them to sacrifice for us. It’s indefensible and reckless. You refuse to even address that aspect and its fallout.

        You admitted yourself that the vaccine has lessened spread and death. Wasn’t that the whole point? Maybe that’s the best we can aim for. Isn’t less suffering better than more suffering? This is a messy, multi-faceted problem, made infinitely worse by resistance and wasted time. All we can do is our best to protect as many people as possible. If you disagree with that goal, why not defend your reasoning on a moral and ethical level? Perhaps because it can’t be done.

        I don’t care what they may learn in the very distant future. That vague worry is of no use to us now. I only care about what can balance out the natural and willful harm being done in 2022.

        Besides. Almost one hundred years ago, penicillin was discovered. That’s held up pretty well. Some things are just that basic. Like less illness = fewer deaths = less suffering.

        If the vaccines caused millions of deaths, we’d never hear the end of it. They haven’t. They don’t. COVID does. At least identify the real problem before you criticize the solutions.

    • “What does that say about all the people who were certain of the measures taken to stop the spread”

      It says those people were right all along and you’re looking at outcomes backwards.

      The shot is not magic. Experts repeatedly told us that if enough folks refused the vaccine, it would become less effective in terms of variant spread, leading to further mutations. Some didn’t want to listen to that warning. As proof, this article is months old. There are plenty of others like it. They didn’t bury the lede.

      “The viral evolution is a bit like a ticking clock. The more we allow infections to occur, the more likely changes will occur. When we have lots of people infected, we give more chances to the virus to diversify and then adapt to selective pressures.”


      The vaccine is still doing a good job of preventing serious illness and death. It’s saving lives by keeping many out of the hospital so the rest can receive proper treatment. We need to do more, though. It is our collective responsibility (that dirty word again) to help the nation’s hospitals remain functional. They are struggling due to willful public failure. The National Guard has been deployed to assist with the deluge of health care emergencies stemming from this surge. Doesn’t that register? How much worse does it have to get before the denial ceases? There are endless consequences to ignoring COVID.

      As for Australia…

      According to the government’s website, 92% of Australians over the age of 16 are vaccinated. The majority of adults (19.087 million) have had two doses. 5.08 million have received a booster.

      The total population is nearly 26 million. They’ve lost 2,692 people during the pandemic. The math is crystal clear. They’ve done a hell of a lot better than the U.S. BECAUSE they were extremely cautious and took measures we wouldn’t.

      They recently decided to completely switch up their approach by opening borders. Yes, Omicron is now spreading, as expected. So far, the number of deaths remains relatively low. The unusually high percentage of vaccinations has worked in that regard. Not dying tends to be seen as a positive feature of any medical advancement.

      Plus, Australian cases are now trending downward.


      They’re a success story in my book. They’ve only encountered Omicron at all because COVID is a global problem. Always has been, but we don’t treat it as such. We live in a global community where travel and commerce are concerned. As long as vaccine access and uptake remain less than optimal, we will continue to see variants and suffer. In some places, people do not have a choice. Americans do, and yet many have squandered it, putting us all in harm’s way. Don’t blame the vaccines and masks when those who refuse to use them are keeping this pandemic going.


      To keep this remotely on topic, we can’t repeatedly feed into the viral wave and then act shocked when sea walls are breached and flooding occurs. If that doesn’t make a lick of sense, it’s because I have three marbles left after too many of these discussions.

      • People born one hundred years ago believed what the experts told them on a variety of subjects and now if still alive, if they reflect upon those beliefs they would know that what they believed is mostly incompatible with what exists today. Therefore they would be smart to not believe what is told to them with certitude today. How many things in our lifetime turned out to be wrong? I am sticking with going in the opposite direction when someone rants with certitude.

        • Andy– are you still certain that the pandemic is over ?
          That we will never get close to 1,000 deaths from covid in the U.S ?
          That it only kills overweight old people ?
          That climate change is not caused by humans ?
          You go in the opposite direction when someone rants with certitude ? That must be tricky…

  2. At least the new sidewalks aren’t under water(yet). Makes zero sense spending countless millions to improve an area that will be part of the ocean in 20 years if we are lucky.

  3. A small box truck got stuck in the water in front of MV Shipyard this morning and had to get taken out by a JWL flatbed. How soon before the ambulance has to re-route via Barns Rd?

  4. A 5 corners article hijacked by the same people who spread misinformation, wreak havoc and cause fear amongst the Islanders. How about a solution to the flooding talked about on this article that is ruining our cars?

    • Dean– we know there will always be weather events that cause flooding, but rising sea levels are obviously going to make it worse.
      As individuals we have little power over climate change. The best we can do is to elect officials who at least think climate change is real and needs to be dealt with.
      I’m not sure how it is ruining our cars, but even if it is, that’s a problem that is way down the list.
      A couple thousand windmills might help a little to reduce carbon emissions…
      A few hundred thousand might even knock some wind out of hurricanes..

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