Dog and horse struck in West Tisbury

Separate State Road accidents claim horse’s life, and eventually dog’s.

West Tisbury Police and animal control respond to the State Road scene of a dog that had apparently been hit by two different motorists. — Rich Saltzberg

A black horse named Angus was struck by a pickup truck on State Road in West Tisbury at about 3:30 in the morning on Jan 9. Angus was euthanized at the scene due to the seriousness of his injuries. Two days later, Alena, a mixed breed dog, was the victim of a hit-and-run strike, and then hit by another motorist while she was lying in the road. On Wednesday, Alena was alive with a head injury and severe injury to her hindquarters, according to West Tisbury Animal Control Officer Anthony Cordray. However, later that day she was euthanized by a veterinarian. 

Cordray said on Jan. 9, Angus was one of two horses to escape from a barn on Flint Hill Road. The horses ran out onto the State Road. One was missed by a passing motorist; Angus wasn’t. Cordray said the motorist was taken by surprise by a black horse in the nighttime, and wasn’t at fault. 

“At the time of the collision, there was heavy cloud cover, no ambient moonlight, no street lighting, and both horses were black,” a West Tisbury Police report states. 

The motorist informed police, and West Tisbury Police Officer Jeremy Rogers came to the scene, which was at the intersection of South Indian Hill Road and State Road. Officer Rogers observed two horses, one of which was in the road, the other on a path next to the road. Rogers summoned an on-call emergency veterinarian and animal control. Rogers observed the injured horse lie down, according to a report. When the animal control officer arrived, she was able to secure the uninjured horse. 

Rogers eventually ascertained who owned the horses, Cynthia and Scott Bermudes, went to their home, and informed them. 

The owners “responded back to the location with me, where the on-call vet had arrived and was attending to the horse,” a report states. “Based upon the injuries to the horse, she elected to euthanize the animal, stating she believed it to have internal bleeding which she could not repair at this time.”

Scott Bermudes walked the injured horse home, and returned with a skid steer and trailer to remove the dead horse.

Cordray said he believed Bermudes buried the horse on his property. Cordray also said he was not sure how the horses escaped.

Cynthia and Scott Bermudes couldn’t be reached for comment. 

At about 5:30 pm on Jan. 11, West Tisbury Police Officers Bradley Cortez and Phil Hollinger responded to the scene of an injured dog on the side of State Road near Heather Gardens. A good Samaritan was comforting the dog, and had wrapped it in some towels. The dog had a large head wound, and was bleeding from its head and nose. Another good Samaritan was helping direct traffic. The motorist who hit the dog was “visibly upset,” and said it appeared the dog had been hit previously. 

The police officers and Cordray, who had arrived on scene, examined Alena and found wounds, notably to her head, consistent with having been struck and dragged. Conversely, the motorist who was at the scene had struck the dog in the rear part of its body, according to a report. The motorist at the scene was permitted to leave. No charges are expected, according to West Tisbury Police Sgt. Matt Gebo, who said the strike accident didn’t appear to be the fault of the motorist. 

Alena’s owner, William Munson, arrived on the scene and took over comforting Alena. Munson and Alena were eventually transported to a veterinary office in a West Tisbury cruiser. Cordray said Alena was an unlicensed dog that had escaped Munson’s residence when a door was opened. 

On Wednesday, Jan. 12, Alena was euthanized because she had suffered spinal injuries, Cordray said. 

Munson couldn’t be reached for comment on Alena. 


  1. I think this reporter has done enough damaged to this family & should not e allowed to report on anything else again!!!!! it’s like it’s the New York post irresponsible think about the people who are grieving & be responsible for once!!!

      • Not sure, but it might have to do with a dog. The OP doesn’t seem to understand that reporting is more than a town news column.

        • I know about the dog and what he’s referring to. I also know Scott. I just want to know what damage Haven feels the reporter has done.

        • You are aware that we have Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech in this country, yes?

          So the idea of being “allowed to report” is about as absurd as the idea of being denied the ability to report.

          Getting harder and harder to tell the difference between Martha’s Vineyard 2022 and Nuremberg 1933.

  2. “The greatness of a society is judged by the way the animals are treated.” ~ Gandhi

    Deepest prayers of love and peace for beloved and beautiful, Angus and Alena.

    May they now rest in God’s sublime love.

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