New COVID cases dip to 326

January cases account for about one-third of total Island cases since pandemic began.

COVID-19 cases remain high, but are down significantly from the previous week. -Nicole Jackson

Updated 3:20 pm

The number of new COVID cases dropped by triple digits last week, to 326 cases.

Last week’s new cases come after the Island boards of health reported 943 new cases in two weeks. The 1,269 cases reported so far in January account for nearly one-third of the total 3,920 cases reported since the pandemic started in March 2020.

Of the 326 positive cases, 135 were reported from the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, 32 from TestMV, 49 from other providers, and 110 from over-the-counter tests. The hospital, which tests symptomatic individuals, conducted 466 tests last week, with 29 percent of the cases coming back positive. TestMV, which tests asymptomatic individuals, conducted 291 tests, with 11 percent coming back positive. Since at-home tests are self-reported, it is unknown how many at-home tests were administered.

There are 149 individuals being followed by public health officials and 177 that are not. There were 95 symptomatic, 19 asymptomatic, and 212 with an unknown symptom status. There were 95 vaccinated, seven partially vaccinated, 60 unvaccinated, and 164 with an unknown vaccination status among the positive cases.

Meanwhile, this week’s numbers appear to be tracking in the right direction. Through Tuesday, there were 42 positive test results, according to the Island boards of health. There were nine on Sunday, 17 on Monday, and 16 on Tuesday.

There have been two COVID-related off-Island transfers in serious condition in the past week, and there is currently one patient hospitalized with COVID-19 at the hospital in fair condition, according to hospital communications specialist Marissa Lefebvre.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, those who test positive with an at-home test should stay home or isolate for 10 days, and wear a mask if others could have contact with you. Additionally, the boards of health are asking people to report their at-home tests to

Those who test negative with an at-home test, but have symptoms, may have another illness, but may also have COVID-19. “However, it is possible for a test to give a negative result in some people who have COVID-19. This is called a false negative. You could also test negative if the specimen was collected too early in your infection. In this case, you could test positive later during your illness,” the CDC website reads.

Those who test negative should follow instructions on their test kits to test again. It is recommended to test again within two to three days.

Updated to include hospitalizations. — Ed.


  1. Now that is the kind of CV-19 reporting that we need!!
    Numbers, Vaccinated, Unvaccinated, Conditions, how many flown off-island.
    Numbers of those who are Symptomatic, Asymptomatic and those with unknown symptoms status etc. We are not seeking peoples names!
    Great job Brian Dowd, that is one reason I got a subscription to the MV Times! Very good in-depth reporting.
    Other island news outlets act like everything is Classified only those in the “Need to Know” category can get this type of information and that is why there is so much public confusion, misinformation, concern and suspicion!

  2. The UK is dropping all mandates and restrictions, including vax cards, masks on children in schools, masks in general, and back to work for employees. Its right around the corner. The big question is what happens to the people that lost jobs over the forced vax? Who will be held responsible for the tyrannical unconstional orders? SOMEONE HAS TO PAY!!!!

    • please take a moment to review the population of the UK vs the rest of the 7.8 billion people on the planet. And if you would also be so kind, please share the total number of people yet unvaccinated, or who have not had any of the three major strains of this virus. We are sure you wish to provide complete and detailed factual information and not just a rant.

  3. The people who are paying most dearly are the unvaccinated. In this country daily death rates are over 2100, the highest in nearly a year. A Boston dad who was first on the list for a heart transplant was taken off the list because he refuses a vaccine, even though it’s proven that vaccinated people withstand the surgery and recovery better than unvaccinated. In those life and death situations, a heart is going to the person who is better likely to survive. It remains a fact that vaccines prevent death 90% of the time and properly fitted disposable masks help prevent transmission. Our hospital has repeated that the most sick are the unvaccinated. It is plainly insane to blather about why anyone medically eligible isn’t vaccinated at this point, but the unvaxed continue to pay the highest price for their freedom to be stupid and selfish. There are people, like RFK, Jr, who actually believe that mandates are imposed to hurt people. This embarrassing, shameful idiot says antivaxers are worse off than Anne Frank was because she was given a place to hide! Mandates have had to be put in place to protect the very refuseniks from their own stupidity, as well as protect the rest of the immune compromised community. No unvaxed minds can be changed. I care as much about unvaccinated people losing their job as they care about a person with leukemia.

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