COVID cases plummet

The chart tells the story of COVID cases on the decline. -Nicole Jackson

The total number of new COVID cases plummeted last week to 133 — three weeks after the Island reported a pandemic record of 486 cases in a single week.

The 133 cases consisted of 46 from the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, 11 from TestMV, 23 from other providers, and 53 from at-home test kits.

The new cases include 43 symptomatic individuals, 22 with no symptoms, and 68 with unknown symptom status. There are 75 vaccinated, two partially vaccinated, and 36 unvaccinated individuals among the new cases. There are 20 people with an unknown vaccination status.

Public health officials are monitoring 74 of the new cases, and are not following 59 of them.

The majority of new cases were reported in children aged 10 years old and younger, with 38 cases.

So far this week, there have been 43 new cases of COVID reported — five on Sunday, 17 on Monday, and 21 on Tuesday.

TestMV’s asymptomatic testing site is closed Monday, according to Mary Breslauer, a spokesperson for the testing site. All Monday appointments will be honored on Tuesday.

There are three COVID-positive patients hospitalized on the Island. Two are in fair condition, and one is in good condition. There have been no COVID-related transfers in the past week, according to hospital communications specialist Marissa Lefebvre.


  1. Wishing a speedy and full recovery to those who are hospitalized. Here is more information giving the stark contrasts between an extremely low risk of dying if you’ve received the 3 vaccines, and the immensely greater risk to those who are not. It is not a badge of honor to die of stubborness and ignorance, nor is it a sign of “freedom” to walk around unvaccinated, contributing to more variants appearing.

  2. Great news. Time to lift all the mandates on MV! Even those of us who are on the edge of vulnerability (like me) are ready!

  3. How do they account for the at home positives that don’t report it to the hospital or the BOH? I know of 3.

    • It’s fine because you are still comparing oranges to oranges. People have been taking the self tests for weeks, assuming the self reporting percentages remain close it shows a dramatic decline in cases even if the those totals are a bit lower due to some not reporting positive tests.

  4. I just want to point something out to the covid deniers who tell us that the scientist and people like Dr. Fauci are idiots.
    Dr. Fauci and the CDC warned us that there would be a surge in cases in the weeks after Thanksgiving.
    Our very own self appointed expert here assured us that the pandemic was over.
    Note that 2 weeks after Thanksgiving, there was a nearly 4 fold increase in cases.
    Then those same “idiots” warned us that there would be a surge in cases in the weeks after Christmas.
    Note that 2 weeks after Christmas there was a nearly 3 fold increase in cases.

    Kind of makes you wonder who the real idiots are..

    • A relevant question is what will be “good enough” for the alarmist contingent for life to get back to normal. Zero cases? Not a single person at risk anywhere anytime? This has yet to be articulated- just a lot of “ we’re not out of the woods yet!” shouting.

      • Alarmist meaning it’s okay for people to die because someone who didn’t believe in vaccines or masks walked the center of town? Say it here, you’re okay with that risk.

      • Alex– Since you think I clearly fall into the “alarmist contingent”, and your question was asked as a response to me, I will tell you my personal opinion.
        First, let me say that I should be in Barbados right now. In March of 2021 my girlfriend and I booked an air b&b house that we have stayed at before.
        In early November of 2021 we booked our flights, ferry reservations, accommodations in Boston the night before , etc.
        Then came Omicron. We are both fully vaxxed and boosted. I understand the facts– we were not all that worried about it, and were quite willing to take the small risk of contracting this even after Barbados had it’s surge. But the state department, in conjunction with the CDC decreed that Barbados was a level 4 risk and we had to show a negative test within 24 hrs of arrival in the states.
        If either of us tested positive, we would be quarantined for 10 days, at our expense, in a Barbadian gov. hotel, and would eat whatever they served us. We chose not to risk that. My opinion is rules like that do nothing to slow this disease down in the most infected country in the world ( U.S )

        But –“back to normal”.
        I play poker once a week with a group of 6 or 7.
        We suspended the game in 2020 and resumed when everyone was vaccinated. The recent surge on the island prompted us to suspend once again. I have decided that when cases drop below 100 a week , I would be willing to start again. Without masks. It would be nice if we all tested before the game. That’s my personal threshold.
        In the meantime, with the exception of putting a mask on when I enter a store, (which I don’t find very difficult to do) I have been living my “normal life” since shortly after I got my second shot in April of 2021.
        But, at this point, only a true idiot would think that we are out of the woods and that the pandemic is over. 2,780 people in the United States died FROM covid yesterday… It is currently the third leading cause of death in the U.S.
        Taking numbers like that seriously is not “alarmist” — it’s common sense.

        • Once again, what is an acceptable metric? Zero deaths? Do we need to achieve a fairytale utopia in which all people live forever with zero risk before we can resume some semblance of normalcy? There’s been no articulation of an end game, just a lot of shrill screaming about horrible people who aren’t doing what they should be doing.

          • ok Alex, you ask what an acceptable metric is. You seem to mock concerned people with your mantra that the left (perhaps) wants to have zero cases and will take away all or freedoms to achieve that goal. That of course is ridiculous. But as long as the fox propaganda machine keeps turning out that line of lies about what the “liberals” think or want, there will be those who believe it.
            So let me ask you, Alex, What is the metric as to when the the big bad government actually does start to take away some of our freedoms ? Do we wait for the post apocalyptic scenario where 100 million Americans have died ? Is that what your side thinks ? I think so. There has been no articulation on the side of the deniers, so perhaps you could articulate that. I articulated my personal opinions above. What is acceptable to you, Alex ? 10 million, 25 million ? 100 million dead ? Where’s the line ? The stark reality that a million Americans will not live to see spring, and that nearly 3,000 Americans died yesterday. What’s unacceptable to you , Alex ? And while you think about that, ponder the preamble of the constitution.
            “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

            Note especially the part about promoting the general welfare . My opinion is that does not mean that the government should idly stand by and let millions of it’s citizens die from a preventable disease, no matter how stupid they are.
            There’s been no articulation of an end game from your side — just a lot of shrill screaming about horrible people who are trying to take away out rights and freedoms.

          • You are playing the Evasive Card. How many deaths are acceptable to you? How many intubated and in isolation to die without family present to avoid continuing the contagion?

          • We know we’re back to square one when Alex again carries on about “shrill screaming”. Speaking of which:

            It’s pointless to argue with those who angrily whine about those who face reality instead of encouraging vaccines and masks, which I suppose is now also pointless.The facts remain facts for those who read and understand the basics of why we have mandates and why we NEED them (thanks antivaxer selfish idiots). Here’s data and info about why the U.S. still has higher covid death rates than other wealthy countries:

            Those who are angry and disgusted with antivax liars and idiots will go on being angry and disgusted, and those who are the idiots will go on being who they are: insanely irresponsible and destructive to themselves, their loved ones, and the community. Why wouldn’t sane people see this and speak out against it? Take their jobs, kick them off planes, get them out of the military.

            Imagine a world where blame wasn’t placed on messengers who are trying to protect but on the perpetrators of the covid stupidity, selfishness, and ignorance we see everywhere, including on the island.

            Unless you are ill with a disease–maybe like leukemia or severe asthma– I supposed it’s really hard for those without a compassionate heart to understand how hard, and yes, frightening this pandemic has been for those who are not healthy. The empathy-challenged don’t understand that immune issues are not written on foreheads. Vulnerablitity to severe covid is more common than the me-me-me people imagine. Many formerly healthy people also have come out of “recovery” from covid with new, chronic health issues. Some of these people may be wearing masks in public for the rest of their lives, which will probably set off all kinds of anger and mocking among the empathy-challenged who’d rather stamp their feet at the idea of mandates continuing and demand to know how many deaths and long haulers there are because, you know, THEY, the whiners, have “had enough”. We have come full circle and there’s really nothing more to say except wear your damn mask in public around others. If you’re not vaccinated by now and you are medically fit, my only message to you will not get past the moderator, so…

          • Do the number of deaths play into what is an acceptable metric? There is evidence a form of the virus already existed. It might be eradicated; would those who claim the virus and vaccine are hoaxes be willing to share the cost or will they continue to dispute science and medicine?

      • You equate “alarmist” with “living in the real world” and “acknowledging facts”. There are still over 2,000 people a day dying from COVID in this country, do you think that is “good enough”? Or am I “alarmist” for stating a fact?

        • Oh boy….Don, I’m amazed and a little baffled by your presumptions about me. A few facts- I am fully vaccinated and support vaccines, I think Trump is a sociopathic liar who should never have been allowed near the White House and will likely finish off Democracy and civil society for good if he’s reelected in 2024, and I do not think Covid is harmless or to be taken lightly. I think people who equate vaccine mandates with Hitler’s Germany are idiots. I wondered why you make these off-base assumptions about me, until I realized that as a liberal you’re only capable of binary thought- Us and Them, Good Liberals vs. Evil Conservatives. Nuance and free thought are probably outside of this paradigm. My feeling is that once I’ve chosen to get vaccinated, my risk is minimal. If others choose not to get vaccinated, they can pay the price. I do think we need to have an honest society conversation about where the balance point is between caution and a functional society. The costs of endless restrictions can outweighs the costs of Covid. Newsflash: People are going to die of Covid. If that upsets you, talk to the people at the origin of the outbreak who thought it was fine to host inhumane wet markets, or exercise poor lab security. I accept that at this point you’re not going to answer the point-blank question about how low the death rate needs to drop for life to get back to normal. Perhaps you think that one death is too many, and we need to wait until the coast is clear for everybody. That’s fantasy. Of the 3000 who died yesterday, how many died of Covid and how many people died with Covid? Big difference. I say: vaccines are available to those who want them, they protect people from serious illness and death to a remarkable degree. Let those who want to be protected be protected, and open up. We shouldn’t wait until the alarmists are satisfied.

          • This sounds like an essay on why it’s okay to feel no allegience to anyone or anything but one’s own interests: Your feeling, your risk, is all you are considering. It’s also strangely like Chicken Little in Bizarro World.

            Read the news. The death rate is not low, so demanding an end to safety precautions now is premature. Every life matters, even if not to you. We don’t know actual deaths on the island that would not have happened when they happened, but for covid.

            The “dying with covid vs from covid” is what cold-hearted reality deniers get stuck on. If I’m going to die from an illness I have, I’d want some quality of my life to go on as long as possible and not be stricken with covid which would shorten my days and give me a horrible death.

          • Also, Alex, what is it exactly you are objecting to? Is wearing a mask in the grocery store that upsetting to you? Is there something standing in your way of doing something you want to do? Travel, restaurants, concerts, movies, classes, shopping– all available to you. What are these “endless restrictions” that have caused you this much distress?

          • Alex– m first , I am not making assumptions about your personal decisions. Nor do I feel I am thinking binarily about liberals vs conservative.
            On many occasions, I have stated that covid is here to stay. Some people will die. The great majority of them will be the unvaccinated. I’m a believer in Darwin’s theory of natural selection. As a species, we have been doing a pretty good job of keeping nearly everyone alive. However it works, I view the disparity between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed death rates to be some sort of evolutionary quirk, for lack of a better word.
            I think there is no answer to your “point blank” question, but the U.S is still losing well over 2,000 people a day. To me, that requires some action by our leaders.
            My feeling is that I am already leading a pretty normal life. Yes, I canceled my vacation to Barbados and I have to wear a mask in some places I go. I think imposing travel restrictions is the least effective and most costly way to deal with covid. I was in Boston last weekend, and had to show my vax card to get into restaurants, museums, etc. I am all in on that strategy.
            As far as the disingenuous argument about dying with or from covid –Jackie said it perfectly. But I ask– most of the nearly 3,000 people who died on sept 11 were not in the jets, nor were they directly struck by them. Are we to say, for instance, that those people who jumped from the towers should not be part of the the toll of the murdered, but should be classified as suicides ?


    “New case reports are waning, but deaths have yet to peak…”
    “More than 2,600 Americans are dying from covid-19 each day, an alarming rate that has climbed by 30 percent in the past two weeks.”

    For those who have put their foot down and have “had enough”, you may want to rethink your demands to end mandates now.

    As long as one is vaccinated, what specific “endless restrictions” does anyone object to? I’d really like to know.

    Also, if you are moderately to severely immunocompromised, it is now recommended that you seek your 4th dose of vaccine after 3 months, not 5.

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