Det. Duquette leads big fentanyl bust

Tisbury Police and the Martha's Vineyard Drug Task Force made at significant drug bust at the SSA's Vineyard Haven terminal on Feb. 10

Tisbury Police Det. Charles Duquette led members of the Martha’s Vineyard Drug Task Force on a search warrant investigation at the Steamship Authority’s Vineyard Haven terminal on Thursday. A Swansea man was arrested with a large amount of what was suspected to be fentanyl, according to a department release. 

Patrick R. Doyle was charged with trafficking in 36 grams or more of fentanyl, less than 100 grams, and possession with the intent to distribute cocaine, according to court records.

The alleged fentanyl was found in 974 wax baggies and would have facilitated roughly 1000 hits and “undoubtedly” a number of overdoses, according to the release. 

Doyle was arraigned in Edgartown District Court on Friday where bail was set at $3,000 but revoked on another off-Island matter, Det. Duquette told The Times.


  1. That is great news and instead of the steamship Authority hiring another unneeded second in command let’s purchase some drug sniffing dogs and handlers and have them meet every boat coming over.

  2. To the multitude of unknown, uncelebrated junkie informants, upon whom their police overseers & enablers build careers by making such challenging “bust ’em off the boat” arrests possible, we thank you for your service.

  3. I guess we will have to see if the charges stick, or if this is just another sham case from our friends at the TPD who have brought us such cases as , ‘where is our gun’, ‘look how he walks, he must be wanted’, ‘he’s a vet, take his guns’ and the ‘the new chief moves to florida’…. Along with side stories such ‘federal lawsuit 1’, it’s sequel ‘federal lawsuit 2’ and coming soon ‘district court w/Sherman and the boys’.

  4. Thank you to all involved in this bust and a special thank you to the MV Times for calling this for what is was and is, “A Fentanyl Bust” and not using the misguided phrase “Opioid Epidemic”. Fentanyl, has been killing our children,in fact users of all ages. We have a severe drug problem and it is Fentanyl, and the “Opioid Epidemic” was a misnomer used far too often in describibing what was taking place as the overdose rates climbed to new heights never seen before. The Mexican Mafia has amateur chemists in the mountains around Sinaloa, Mexico that is producing and exporting as much bootleg Fentanyl as legal Big Pharma, maybe more. I saw a piece not longer ago where an anonymous cartel worker confidently stated that “no heroin leaves Mexico these days that does not have Fentanyl in it, none. When just heroin was being sold on the streets, occasionally an overdose would occur, but those days are gone. Now I am hardly condoning heroin use, or drug use at all, but I do want to be clear about the real problem for the last few years and it is Fentanyl. As a very grateful addict, I fortunately found my way to AA/NA and those meetings and working closely with a sponsor turned things around for me where I was able to live free from the grip of addiction. Although I am free from addiction I was blessed with sobriety before Fentanyl hit the streets. Apparently, Fentanyl, because it can be manufactured rather cheaply is used in nearly everything these days, from heroin, to cocaine, to benzodiazepines, anything to stretch their product as a “cutting agent” doubling and tripling the size of the product. This has led to fatal overdoses in such large numbers that it is suggested that everyone familarize and carry Naloxone Hcl (Narcan) an opioid antagonist to reverse the effects and hopefully save a life. The “Wizards of Washington”, the upper levels of government, began “opioid epidemic” misuse and now honorable M.D.s are being terrorized with threats of loss of license and more for prescribing narcotic pain relievers for those with verifiable needs and Fentanyl marches on barely abated, and touching the lives of almost everyone, in one way or another. Folks, we have an epidemic of sorts, but it is A Fentanyl epidemic, NOT an “Opioid Epidemic”. Addiction is a wide-ranging problem around the world, but one phrase you will never hear on the streets of NY or New Bedford is “Hey man, ya got any good Fentanyl? in place of the usual “Ya got any good dope?”

  5. Wait, what! 1000 hits of fentanyl, which would certainly lead to some overdoses and possibly deaths, and his bail is $3000! Bail is not set by the nature of the crime, but by the likelihood of the accused showing up for trial. I would rate the likelihood of this guy showing up for $3000 as very low. Luckily he was held because of another “matter”, which means he was out on another probably low bail when he made his delivery to the island.

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