Edgartown: We should all count our blessings

— Shelby Regan

Due to a series of miscommunications and blunders on my part, last week’s column didn’t make the hard copy of the paper and was a little tough to find online. Hopefully, I’ll be getting back on track now. It’s been a challenging few weeks. Which, by the way, I had said way back in January also but had no idea what was lying in wait for me for February. 

For those who didn’t see last week’s column, my dad had a fall and some health issues and spent a couple of weeks in the hospital. He is now home and my sister, brother, and I will be taking care of him. He bounced back better than expected but not enough to live alone again. I have to say, I’ve been struggling a lot this year with my career choice, given COVID issues and a general disdain for what technology is doing to our kids but I should have been more specific when I sent my thoughts up to my higher powers. That said, I’m pretty lucky that I’ve got the time and the ability to take some leave and be here for my daddy. Oddly, all three of us are at a point in our lives when we can pull this off, as my sister can work from home down here a bit and my brother is semi-retired. Kismet, perhaps. Sorry, Pop, you’re stuck with us. We should all count our blessings.

I sent out big thank yous to the EMS folks and the hospital staff in last week’s column but given that it wasn’t widely seen I want to say thank you to all of them again. EMS was first rate, quick, and on top of their game, and everyone at the hospital was exceptional in their care of the old man. We couldn’t be more grateful. Much as I look forward to leaving this Island, at least during the winter months someday, this small town community does have one’s back when necessary. That never gets old.

I also shared a GoFundMe link that has been set up to help Eddie and Jennifer Abreu and their family with expenses if anyone is able to give. The website is at bit.ly/Abreu_fundraiser. If you haven’t seen the story, their family has been separated by immigration, with Eddie and one child stuck in Brazil, and Jen and two other kids back here. If you can help them, please know that it would be appreciated beyond measure.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Erik Bruguiere on Feb. 16, and Caroline Moffet and Jerry Fritz on Feb. 17. 

The Edgartown School needs substitute teachers. It is definitely a nationwide problem but we are feeling it terribly here in our town. If you are interested in working as a sub, find out more details on the Edgartown School website at bit.ly/Edgartown_subs. School break starts at 2:40 pm on Feb. 25. Kids will be out of school for a week so be aware when you’re out driving that there may be more kids out and about than normal during the day. 

It is definitely tough to find things to do here with kids during February vacation, even when we aren’t experiencing a years-long pandemic. Felix Neck to the rescue! You can head there from 10 am until 2 pm with kids in grades kindergarten through fifth for winter fun and exploration during your vacation week. Children need to bring two masks, water bottle, snack, lunch, and be prepared to be outside in nature all day. They’ll search for tracks and signs of Vineyard creatures and learn how different animals survive the winter season. You can go for one day or all four. Tuesday’s theme is Nature Heroes, Wednesday is Wild Wonders, Thursday is Track-Tastic, and Friday is Into The Wild. Registration is required. Financial aid available thanks to Friends of Sengekontacket. Contact them at felixneck@massaudubon.org or 508-627-4850.

The Farm Institute is also offering up Kids Can Cook Camp: Cook the Rainbow from 9 am until 12 pm from Monday, Feb. 28, through Friday, March 4. For ages 6 and up. Proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test is required for all cooking classes. All participants must wear a mask while in the Farm kitchen. Pre-registration is required for all Farm Institute cooking classes. Contact Lindsay with any allergy or food restriction questions at lbrown@thetrustees.org or if you’d like to join as a member and receive discounted programming. If you would like to attend but are unable to pay, please reach out to lbrown@thetrustees.org or call 508-627-7007 for more information. $40/member child, $50/non-member child per day. 

And in other Edgartown School news, the eighth grade is raffling off two Celtics tickets for a game against the Timberwolves on March 27. Tickets are $10, 3 for $25, or 5 for $40. If you would like to buy some chances, please let me know. We will also be holding an auction soon, online or in person is yet to be determined. If you are able to donate goods or services to the auction, please let me know. We are desperately behind in our fundraising for the trip to D.C. and need to do some major fundraising quickly!

We’ve had a smooth five-day start to living under one roof so far. Hee hee. It’s not always easy to accept new roles, is it? The tendency is always to revert to who we were when we lived here growing up. And while we’re discussing growing up here, how the heck did we all fit in this house? Times have sure changed and my kids have sure been lucky with big bedrooms all to themselves. My house is tiny in the Campgrounds but my oh my, only two of us live there. This house had five people in it for 20 years or more. Incredible. Oh, and just as a complete aside, let me remind you to go get some white vinegar and clean your Keurig or coffee pot. You’ll thank me after. Have a great week.