What Are You Watching? ‘Heartland’


Even if you aren’t as fascinated with horses as I am, you’ll still enjoy “Heartland,” a wholesome family oriented drama following life on a horse ranch. The animals are beautiful, along with the Canadian landscapes. The storyline follows Amy Fleming, the main character, after her mother’s death, which leaves her with a gift of being able to train troubled horses. With some large boots to fill after her mother is gone, you watch her grow up and do some really remarkable things. “Heartland” has an incredible cast and I found it hard to pick just one favorite character — or horse. 

I settled on Jack as my favorite character — the father, grandfather, friend, and most importantly, the rock. He was born and raised on the 600-acre ranch, and keeps everything from the family to the farm in working order. His dry sense of humor makes me chuckle. 

The Netflix series has 15 seasons, and keeps me busy watching it again and again. If I put it on after a stressful day at work I find the sounds and voices calming, helping me to relax. The show is wholesome, humorous, and for me very relatable because I work on a horse farm myself. The show makes me feel untroubled and happy. Watching TV my mind has a tendency to wander. “Heartland” has simple, straightforward episodes that are easy to follow. If you miss something, or fall asleep, you don’t have to worry about going back to rewatch it, but you can if you like.