COVID cases fall to 74

Nicole Jackson

There were 74 new COVID cases reported by the Martha’s Vineyard boards of health from Feb. 5 to Feb. 12.

Last week’s cases are down by 11 from the previous week’s 83 cases. 

“Looks like another reprieve: don’t trust it to stay that way, but enjoy it while it lasts!” Chilmark health agent Marina Lent said in the condensed weekly report.

Meanwhile, there have only been four new cases this week — two on Sunday and two on Monday. 

On the state level Monday, there were 3,863 new cases and 66 new deaths.


  1. Hopefully the island school committees use common sense and drop the mask mandate in our schools when the statewide mandate is lifted. Masks are ruining these kids. They are unhappy at school and this would bring some joy and enthusiasm back into our schools. If families want their kids to wear a mask, there is nothing wrong it. But kids shouldn’t be forced to do something that is negatively affecting them any longer.

      • Albert– According to Mike, masks are not “harming” children– They are “ruining” them. Big difference.
        Fortunately, Mike and his ilk have been telling us for years how the liberals have ruined nearly aspect of life and civilization in America, and the world for that matter.
        So we have a record as to the accuracy of these kind of shrill rantings.
        I think the kids will be fine, as long as they don’t get covid.

      • The kids hate them. They are unhappy at school. Lifting the mandate would bring a much needed morale boost to these kids. Children with speech or comprehension difficulties rely on non-verbal forms of communication such as facial expressions and lip reading; this is no longer available to them. They are falling behind. Same goes for children who don’t speak English; which our island has a lot of. They are falling behind as well. As someone with a child who has a speech and learning delay the masks have definitely had a negative impact on their development. They are not necessary; they are ineffective and the kids are all over each other at recess and outside of school without a mask anyway. They need to be able to see their teachers faces and read their expressions to help fully develop their language and aide in their development. I believe most island educators would agree. There’s nothing wrong if a family still wants their child to wear a mask, but don’t force them to. It’s gone on all long enough. If you were in our schools you would see it too.

  2. “The Department of Public Health said in a statement that it now recommends fully vaccinated people wear a mask indoors if they meet certain criteria.
People should wear masks indoors if they:
• Have a weakened immune system.
• Are at increased risk for severe disease because of age or an underlying medical condition.
• Live with someone who has a weakened immune system and is at increased risk for severe disease or is unvaccinated”

    Some big news from MA yesterday. It is recommended that if you are vaccinated, you don’t have to wear a mask indoors. When will MV follow the new state guidelines and science?

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