Sensational sausage pasta

Spice your pasta night up with a-not-so traditional sauce.


I went to the grocery store with plans to make pasta with vodka sauce, sausage, peppers, and onions for dinner. Needless to say, I came out with less direction. I went off-track when I could not find not a single jar of vodka sauce. My whole plan was off course in an instant. I don’t enjoy marinara sauce, and I had Alfredo a couple of nights prior, so I ruled those two pasta sauce substitutes out. On the verge of a public meltdown, I pulled it together and skipped the sauce, for the time being. I would figure something out when I got home.

When I got home, I unpacked my groceries and was reminded I had the makings for a pasta dinner with no sauce. I put the six Perri hot Italian sausages, which I would like to note were a bargain — on sale for $2 — in the toaster oven. I then exercised my creativity searching my cabinets for something that might match the spicy sausages and top a bed of angel hair pasta. Nothing. Then I checked the fridge, nothing but a couple of condiments on the door. Including one condiment I can’t seem to get rid of, Wishbone Creamy French dressing. I’m not sure why I bought it, but since I did, it has been hanging out on my fridge door. It wasn’t expired, so I figured I would give it a go. I rationalized turning it into a pasta sauce based upon the fact that it was the color orange, and the currently baking sausages were also an orange-ish color. Heck, I even bought an orange bell pepper at the store. These ingredients might not match in flavor, but they matched in color, so the sauce choice was a go in my artistic mind. 

Turns out the flavors matched great, it had a fun, unique flavor and was also enjoyable to look at. I might even go out of my way to buy another bottle of Creamy French dressing to make this sensational pasta dish again.  

Sensational Sausage Pasta

angel hair pasta
orange bell pepper
sweet onion
olive or vegetable oil
Perri spicy Italian sausage
red pepper flakes, desired seasonings
Creamy French dressing
crumbled goat cheese or shredded Cheddar (optional) 

Bake sausages in the oven or toaster oven. Make angel hair pasta according to package directions, and set aside. 

Slice and sauté orange bell pepper and sweet onion in a skillet with oil. Add red pepper flakes and any additional seasonings such as salt and pepper (amounts as desired). When the spicy sausages are done, slice them in rounds and add to the skillet. 

Plate the pasta, and add Creamy French dressing. Spoon on peppers, onion, and sausage. Top with cheese of your choice. Enjoy.