Real Estate Transactions: Feb. 28 – March 4



Feb. 28, the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head sold 17 Old South Road to Christiana Trust, trustee of Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB, for $650,000.


March 4, Brian A. Giles and Caroline F. Giles, trustees of Brian & Caroline Giles Living Trust, sold 85 Tea Lane to Scott Giles and Kathleen Giles for $900,000.


Feb. 28, Linda C. Janse sold 4 Westminster Court to Peter Duncan Luskin for $1,025,000.

March 1, Andrew P. Houlahan, trustee of Blue Bird 6 Realty Trust, Red Bull 7 Realty Trust, and Green Field 8 Realty Trust, sold 14 Bayside South to Adam M. Zaiger, trustee of Tucker Bay Nominee Trust, for $12,250,000.

March 1, Allan H. Tufankjian, trustee of 6 Farmers Road Realty Trust, sold 6 Famers Road to Christopher T. Collins for $1,100,000.

March 2, Kathleen Fresher-Samways sold 39 Dodgers Hole Road to John M. Bagyi and Dania A. Bagyi.

March 3, Allen W. Wilson, Thomas R. Wilson, James F. Wilson, trustee of Wilson Revocable Living Trust, Ruth W. Bellizzi and Michael J. Bellizzi, trustees of Bellizzi Family 1999 Realty Trust, sold 30 Mill Hill Road to 30 Mill Hill Street Spec LLC for $3,850,000.

Match 3, Eleanor W. Beauchamp, Eleanor C. Warner, Elizabeth W. Weedon, Elizabeth L. Warner, Everett F. Warner Jr. sold 148 Plantingfield Way to Hackney S. Fain, trustee of PFW 148 Realty Trust, for $1,875,000.

March 4, Mariners Way, LLC, sold 1 Mariners Landing Unit D to Island Health Inc. for $600,000.


March 1, Lisa M. Stewart, the estate of Blanc Rene Louis, sold 7 Hidden Cove Road to Dwight Turner Franklin and Lashelle Denise Franklin for $1,650,000.


March 3, Jacque Panko Whaumbush Jr. sold 54 Amelia’s Crossing to Ransford Whaumbush for $1,600,000.


Feb. 28, Lemondrop LLC sold 29 South Pond Road to Brunel Street LP for $2,500,000.