Slight uptick in COVID cases

The number of cases went up, but not enough to alarm. - Nicole Jackson

After reporting just two COVID-19 cases on Martha’s Vineyard during the first week of March, the Island boards of health reported 29 cases last week.

The slight uptick in cases is more in line with where things were for the last two weeks of February, and is still a significant decline from where things were at in January. According to the report, there were 1,424 cases of COVID-19 in January, when the omicron variant was rampant. The number of cases dropped to 193 in February, and so far this month there have been a total of 31 cases.

Last week’s results are the first since the boards of health lifted the indoor mask mandate across the Island. Schools also returned from winter break last week.

At this time, the number of positive PCR cases is well below the CDC threshold of 41 cases over seven days,” Island boards of health spokeswoman Maura Valley wrote in a follow-up email. “Even with OTC cases included, the seven-day positive case count is still in the low-risk range. I don’t believe there is reason for alarm at this point, and would attribute the increase in cases to families returning from vacation.”

Of the 29 positive test results, nine were PCR tests, and 20 were at-home tests. There were 18 symptomatic cases, four asymptomatic, and seven were unknown. As for vaccination status, 13 of the individuals had received boosters, 11 completed their first series of shots, one was partially vaccinated, two were unvaccinated, and the vaccination status of two were unknown, according to the report.

The bulk of the new positive test results were for individuals 50 to 59 years old, with 11 cases. The others were spread out among all age groups.

The Vineyard is still considered at low risk based on metrics outlined by the Centers for Disease control. 

Just 36 individuals sought out and were tested at the TestMV site in West Tisbury. Last week the asymptomatic testing site announced it would close at the end of March, citing the drop in cases and the decreasing need for testing.


  1. Overreact much?. It’s the week after February vacation; and just like last year, there is a slight spike. It will happen again next year too. No need to panic. I find it refreshing to actually be able to see most people’s faces again. I’ve also noticed a bit of a boost in people’s moods and moral as well. Let us be!

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