Accident victim needs help


To the Editor:

My friend Dick Mezger recently sent me an email that I want to (with his permission) share with the good people of Martha’s Vineyard.


Our daughter, Gayle, was the woman hit by a truck on Jan. 24th at Five Corners. She was seriously injured — concussion and brain bleed in two places, broken T8 vertebrae, and many broken ribs — all on one side and several on the other.

She was rushed to the Boston Medical Center for treatment. She has had three surgeries, and was there until Feb. 22, when she was transferred to the Encompass Health Rehabilitation Hospital in Braintree, where she is relearning to walk and climb stairs and to eat and drink and care for her slowly healing back.

Anyhow, there is a gofundme at Help Gayle with Medical Expenses to help her — continuing to live on the second floor, 20 steep stairs, is problematic — so there may be moving expenses. Maybe you can, please, send the gofundme invitation out to some Islanders?

I’m asking my Islander friends to please, if you can, help Gayle. 

Ed Charter

Vineyard Haven