What Are You Watching? ‘Grey’s Anatomy’


For me, it’s more like what am I rewatching on Netflix. Personally, I love to put on my familiar favorites and putter around the house. I have been watching “Grey’s Anatomy” as if the cast are my personal friends. The show premiered in 2005; I was in college, and would rush home to watch each new episode every week, but now I get to enjoy 17 seasons of this medical drama, and press pause and rewind as my heart desires.

If you aren’t familiar, you follow the main character, Meredith Grey, a surgical intern, into her residency at a fictional hospital named Seattle Grace. The show covers her personal life as she makes friends with colleagues, gets lured into steamy, illicit romance, learning professionally, making life-or-death decisions, and figuring out what it takes to be a surgeon in one of the fastest-paced, most renowned hospitals in the country, all on very minimal sleep.

This soapy, sexy, and thrilling, life-on-the-line show would probably take two straight weeks with no breaks or sleeping to watch. So if I request a two-week vacation, that would be the reason why — but I won’t, don’t worry.

I do recommend putting this show on when you’re looking for a comforting cast to keep you company around the house, and would rather indulge in a little drama that isn’t your own. I give the first season 5 stars, the remaining seasons a 4, for an overall rating of 4.5 stars.