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La Choza Burritos is back.

A work of art crafted by La Choza cook James Meaney. — Lucas Thors

It’s a place I’ve counted on for lunch (and plenty of dinners) ever since I was in high school, and continues to satisfy under new ownership — La Choza Burritos is back.

After switching over to a call-to-order and pickup model during the pandemic, the restaurant is back to its normal walk-in setup. It’s a blessing to be able to step into one of my more frequented food spots and be greeted by friendly Island folks. 

The business is now owned and operated by Kate and Rob Seaton, who took over for Seth Gambino, who piloted the favorite local establishment for years. It’s become a haunt for many of my friends and family members, and with the Seatons now at the helm, my go-to quick-eats stop is living on (with some nice additional features).

According to co-owner Kate Seaton, she saw on Facebook that Gambino was looking to sell the business right before they were about to take their son to a soccer tournament. 

“I told Rob and he was like ‘let’s talk to him about it,’” Kate recalled. “We figured it couldn’t hurt to try. One thing led to another, and it all ended up working out.”

Seaton said her goal with La Choza is to minimize any big changes, but to bring it back into a full-service system where folks can walk into the restaurant to place their order.

“We really didn’t want to change much, but we wanted to bring it up to date after the COVID protocols,” Kate said. She said that, as an Island family, she and Rob observed how other restaurants began expanding their service again.

One tool the Seatons have implemented which I personally appreciate is an online point of sale system similar to what many other food establishments have done. Pick your burrito (or bowl), pick your burrito fixin’s, and you’re good to go. It’s especially convenient for knowing who got what in a big group — a boon I discovered upon ordering seven different burritos for everyone in the office. Each order has the receipt stamped to it with all the different selected ingredients — sometimes it’s the little things. 

Rob Seaton said he wants to build on the legacy of La Choza and refine the process a little as they go forward. “The recipe is great, the food is great, it’s just a few logistical things that we wanted to alter,” Rob said. With it being their first time in the food industry, Rob wants to make the restaurant into even more of a community favorite than it was before. “I think we really got lucky being in Vineyard Haven. The people are great, the other businesses are great, and we’re just really thankful,” he said. 

As a La Choza veteran, my burrito order is branded into my brain. Sometimes I have to slow myself down mid-order to make sure the cashier is getting all of it. But the highlight is definitely that I ask for half-chicken and half-chorizo (both are independent choices you can choose as a base). If you don’t like either beans or rice, make sure to tell your server — a base burrito comes with beans, rice, and the type of protein you choose. The chicken always tastes fresh, and the chorizo adds a necessary saltiness and juiciness, and the pulled-pork barbacoa is delicious. You can also get simple rice and beans, beef, or vegan chorizo (plant-based sausage crumbles and corn mix). After you’ve chosen your protein (they also have vegetarian options), then you select from a list of almost 30 different toppings or fillings. I love black olives, scallions, and cilantro on my burrito, and if I’m feeling daring I’ll toss some jalapenos in along with a little guacamole. I would also recommend trying the lemon cilantro cream and the black bean and corn relish — just a few of the additions that really round out the menu and add some flair. 

If you haven’t stopped into La Choza in a while or are looking for a quick and satisfying meal, go check it out — just make sure you’re good and hungry. 

La Choza, 4 Main St., Vineyard Haven; 508-693-9050 or


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