LGBTQ festival comes to the Film Center


Coming up at the MV Film Center on May 6, 7, and 8 is the three-day LGBTQ series, featuring a variety of films. The annual series, now its sixth year, includes LGBTQ stories, issues, guest speakers and discussions, as well as a special event for youth. It represents some unique independent films that have not been widely shown. This festival attracts moviegoers from the Cape, Islands, and the greater Boston area. Included are films from a variety of countries, as well as those with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender narratives with genres including comedy, drama, romance and documentary films.

On Friday, May 6, the film screened will be “I Carry You with Me” (2020). This romance begins in Mexico with a chef, played by Armando Espitia, and a teacher, played by Christian Vázquez. When their love affair comes under pressure, they escape to New York City where they experience dreams, hopes, and memories.

Also on Friday, May 6, “Sublet” (2020) features a romance between men of separate generations. Directed by Eytan Fox and starring 2011 Tony Awardwinner John Benjamin Hickey as Michael with Niv Nissim as Tomer, the Israeli film narrates the story of a middle-aged NY Times travel writer who experiences a tragedy, then falls in love with a younger man in Tel Aviv who helps him to heal.

The documentary “Family in Transition” (2018) plays on Saturday, May 7. It is set in Israel where Amit Tsuk, a husband and parent of four children, comes out as transgender. His wife, Galit Tsuk, decides to stay with Amit in this documentary that doesn’t sugarcoat the challenges the family faces.

Also on Sunday, May 7, comes “Nelly & Nadine” (2022), set in a 1944 concentration camp and concerned with their love affair both before and after their time there. Finally on Sunday is “Ma Belle My Beauty,” which begins with a polyamorous affair among Lane (Hannah Pepper), Bertie (Idella Johnson) and Fred (Lucien Guignard). After Bertie and Fred have been married, Lane shows up once again in their European home, hoping to reunite their threesome relationship. Then Lane meets the artist Noa (Sivon Noam Shivon).

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