Tisbury promotes two to sergeant

The Tisbury Police Department promoted Edward St. Pierre (left) and Andrew Silvia (center) to the rank of sergeant on Wednesday in addition to appointing Cristina Whitney as full-time Traffic Officer. — Courtesy Tisbury PD


The Tisbury select board approved the promotions of Andrew Silvia and Edward St. Pierre to the rank of sergeant on Wednesday afternoon. Silvia has been with the Tisbury Police in a full-time capacity since 2016, and St. Pierre beginning in 2019. Additionally, Tisbury Police welcomed a new full-time traffic officer, Cristina Whitney, who has served as a crossing guard since 2019.

“Andrew and Ed went through an in-depth process for their promotions,” Tisbury Police Det. Charles Duquette, the department’s union spokesman, wrote. “I’ve worked with both of them and can say that they are exactly what the agency needs as the position of sergeant is arguably the most important position within the police department. They bring valuable life experience and fill some operational voids at the department as summer approaches. We are all excited and look forward to the continued progression of the agency.”

“I”m very proud of the hard work Ed and I put forward in the promotional process,” Silvia told The Times. “I am also thankful to work with a great group of officers and that makes me very excited for the future of our department.”

“The two sergeant promotions were and are vital to the composition of our new command staff which will complete our strong foundation on which to build back our department into a strong and stable institution.,” Tisbury Police Chief Chris Habekost emailed. “Earning the trust of our community is an extremely important goal of mine which I share with my second in command, Lt. William Brigham. The two new sergeants…bring knowledge, education, and experience with them and each is uniquely qualified for their positions as supervisors, administrators, mentors, and peers of our newly formed and growing police department. I have full confidence in my entire command staff and look forward to the future of our agency and the town of Tisbury and the Island community inclusive.”

The select board approved Memorial Day weekend events, including the Tisbury School’s March to the Sea on Friday, May 27, arriving at Owen Park at 1 pm, and the Memorial Day annual Town Picnic, which will take place at the Tashmoo Spring building at Lake Tashmoo from noon to 4 pm — held for the first time since the pandemic started.

Updated with more information. Rich Saltzberg contributed to this story.


  1. Well, well, well…

    That would be an awful lot of sergeants in such a small police department, no?

    Perhaps 2 previously-appointed sergeants are about to be shown the door, and none too soon.

    Which reminds me- Any followup on Sgt Jeff Day’s paid leave since February? Is he still getting paid to do nothing? Not that I’m complaining, mind you, considering the sort of things he did on the job.

    Tisbury needs a civilian police oversight committee, and no more appointments will be made without their approval. The clowns in town government that allowed the TPD crisis to flourish cannot be trusted to bring it under control.


  2. The shuffling of Tisbury Police personnel seems akin to the Captain of the Titanic promoting the boiler room staff to navigation oversight, after meeting that iceberg.
    No improvement in operations are expected in either example

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