Verizon project moves forward

Appointments were made to Edgartown committees.

The plans for Verizon show the wiring planned to go along the length of Church Street, starting at the junction with Winter Street. — courtesy Town of Edgartown

The Edgartown select board unanimously approved Verizon’s request to place a new underground fiber along Church Street, starting at the intersection with Winter Street. However, there is a caveat that Verizon must use the existing conduit. Any work outside of the pre-existing conduit must be first approved by the Edgartown highway department and the board. 

A representative from Verizon was not present. Vineyard Transit Authority administrator Angie Gompert, who is supervising the project, said it seems “Verizon is just really behind in terms of asking for what they need.” 

“The conduit was run for them along that corridor, and I just don’t think they did anything in a timely fashion. I understand that’s relatively standard operating procedure for them, unfortunately,” Gompert said. “Everything they need to be successful has been done for them, they just need to do the wiring.” 

Gompert told the board Verizon’s project was done alongside Eversource and Comcast wiring works to speed up the process and reduce road blockages, which was decided on in December. Gompert suggested allowing Verizon to use what has been laid down already on Church Street so as to not be slowed down by another public hearing. 

Vineyard Trust executive director Nevette Previd said she received a letter from Verizon about the request around two weeks ago, but was told after the fact about the installations. Previd said she contacted Verizon for more details, but has not gotten a response yet. 

“We were told exactly this, what’s already been done, and it’s right in our parking lot,” Previd said. Previd said Verizon told her the project would not affect Vineyard Trust’s parking since vehicles can drive over the work. “I just think that was poor protocol to just do whatever they want.”

Gompert agreed that Verizon does not respond in a timely manner. 

The board approved a few more projects after public hearings. The dates have not been decided yet. 

Eversource received unanimous approval to do construction on 4 Edgartown Bay Road to install an anchor and a guidewire at an existing pole. Marissa Jackson from Eversource’s rights and permits department said this work was to “accommodate new service” at the property. Eversource’s request to work on 29 Mercier Way to install conduit from an already existing pole to provide service to the property was also unanimously approved. The Edgartown water department sent a letter to the board asking to be notified of when the installations will be happening in the future. 

RW Bryant Contractors received unanimous approval from the board to excavate a section of the road between Road to the Plains and School Street to replace a CATV line. A date for the excavation will be set in the future, and RW Bryant expects it to take two days. 

Several people were nominated and unanimously approved for multiple Edgartown committees and the personnel board. Cornelius “C.J.” Moriarty was approved to join the affordable housing committee, Justin DeOliveira and Erin Ready were approved to join the beautification committee, Susan Drogin was approved to join the capital programs committee, Suzanne Cioffi and Kelly McKracken were approved to join the personnel board, and Nicole Brissen was approved to join the sign advisory committee. 


  1. What happened to the other members of the personnel board? Did they resign and why the sudden changes to the board? Inquiring minds want to know.

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