Martha’s Vineyard median house price climbs


There’s no time to bask in the glow of the housing bank’s impressive sweep of town meetings and town elections. Tisbury still has an election on Tuesday, May 24, but the housing bank has the four towns required to bring the proposal to Beacon Hill.

The State House News Service (SHNS) is reporting that Martha’s Vineyard’s median sale price jumped to $1.325 million in April — a 33 percent increase from the $1 million median reported last April, and $125,000 more than the often-quoted median price during the Coalition to Create the M.V. Housing Bank’s campaign.

According to SHNS, there were 61 homes sold in Dukes County so far this year, a marked decrease from the 109 sold at this point a year ago. 

Meanwhile, SHNS is reporting that Nantucket’s median house price has actually gone down about 20 percent. Last April, the median house price on Nantucket was $2.025 million, and this year it is $1.627 million. However the median house price for Nantucket for the year so far sits at a staggering $2.23 million. There have only been 40 houses sold on Nantucket this year, compared with 70 a year ago, SHNS reported.


  1. Martha’s Vineyard median house price climbs has some misinformation about house sales and prices. The graphic gives the impression that there were 61 houses sold in April 2022. If only we had 61 houses to sell would seem like a small miracle at this point. Looking at LINK statistics, the only thing I can guess is the 61 houses sold is just single family homes sold the first quarter of the year. In that case the 110 homes is correct for 2021 first quarter.
    The Median might be correct for all sales including commercial and land but in the case the increase was only 16%.
    This in no way suggests a bright picture for affordable housing with prices up at least 25% for a single family home for April. There is hope increasing mortgage rates might stop the severe price growth, that has never had a dramatic effect on the Vineyard.
    I have never heard from SHNS and they need to take more care in how they acquire statistics. They may have gotten those statistics from national real estate websites that do not always have access to all Vineyard transactions.
    The LINK website for April has:
    Single Family Homes: 20
    Average Sale Price: $1,829,110
    Median Sale Price: $1,427,500
    Avg. Days on Market: 41
    This is even worse news for affordable housing after removing commercial sales and land sales.

    • I took the graphic down. But if you read the brief, it states that it’s sales through April.

  2. The first editorial paragraph about the affordable housing bank is off topic and doesn’t belong in a news article. If the Times wishes to promote the housing bank, it should do so in the editorial section of the paper. That is the difference between real news and propaganda.

  3. Dan, when you own a newspaper you can decide what topics are suitable for a news article.
    You can even decide what comments to publish.
    What do you do for work?
    I am sure the MVT can tell you the Right way to do it.

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