Kamala Harris visit is on hold

State Police officers arrived by ferry earlier this week in apparent anticipation of a visit by Vice President Kamala Harris. That visit is no longer happening. — George Brennan

Vice President Kamala Harris officially canceled her planned Memorial Day weekend trip to Martha’s Vineyard following the recent tragedy at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. The Uvalde school shooting is among the deadliest in American history, claiming 21 lives, and pressing people all over the country to demand an urgent and drastic change to current gun laws. 

Martha’s Vineyard Airport Director Geoff Freeman told The Times the vice president canceled her trip for “undisclosed reasons.”

On Friday, the vice president sent out a series of tweets, saying, ”Our hearts are with the people of Uvalde, Texas — with the parents, children, and everyone who said goodbye to someone they loved that morning not knowing that goodbye would be their last. We must have the courage to stand up to the gun lobby and pass reasonable gun safety laws.”

In another tweet, she wrote, “We must work together to create an America where everyone feels safe in their community, where children feel safe in their schools. Enough is enough.”



  1. Good for VP Harris! This shows a true commitment to her job as Vice President, a job she takes seriously!

    • Agreed! No one should come here that requires advance teams and security details. Way too disruptive to our little island.

      • Wow
        Tisk tisk.
        I didn’t know this about you.
        Guess you won’t be selling them a house or selling their house.
        Because you need to stick to your views.

  2. Vice President Harris is in Buffalo this weekend paying her respects at a funeral for the Buffalo shooting victims. What are you doing this weekend to memorialize all the people and children we have lost this couple of weeks to gun violence.

  3. When she does come, will she be bringing a check to fix East Chop Drive? If not, don’t bother.

    • Carl– you know that the V.P of the U.S cannot just show up and throw money around to fix a local road.
      A standing president can throw paper towels around, but that’s about the limit.
      But let’s be real. We know about the “optics” of what high ranking officials due during a “crisis” .
      Look at the bad publicity Bush the father got for going out on his gas guzzling “cigarette” boat on the first day of the first gulf “war”.
      trump apologist countered his blatant disregard for the sufferings of our civilians or others during international crisis’s by saying that trump was “conducting serious national policy discussions” while playing golf.

      Obama got serious pushback from the right wing media for following local protocol and bowing to the Japanese emperor.

      Some people even noticed trump’s disrespect for the queen mum.

      And yes, I do check in with fox news most mornings while I have breakfast.
      That’s how I can so easily stay ahead of andy–what I hear them talking about in the morning is what andy spouts about in the evening..
      not every time, of course, —it’s just my opinion.

    • What are you doing about East Chop Drive?
      Any useful information? Or just showing us your true colors?

      • Why is it my job to fix East Chop Drive? True colors? I expect our elected political leaders to due their jobs for the good of the order. I really don’t care about Keller’s rants about about who is to blame for what but he seems to think that all Republicans are evil and all Democrats can do no wrong. As my politics are concerned that’s none of your business. Personally I think we were all better off as a country by keeping things personal. I don’t care what people eat for breakfast, what they do behind closed doors, what causes they go out of their way to tell us about, or all the other narcissistic behavior they post on line. I think we all need to look a problems and work on solutions. Keller recently shared some information on pebble bed nuclear reactors. That’s solution oriented. Brenda you seem to be like one of these politicians that can’t accept that the other party had good policies but had to change them simply because they weren’t theirs. Please look forward and not backwards and someone has to fix East Chop Drive! But maybe Jim is correct and that it’s not VP Harris’ job along with all the other responsibilities that Pres. Biden tasked her with. Let her focus on the border because she is nailing that assignment.

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