A march to remember


A tradition returned to Tisbury School on Friday as students marched from the school to Owen Park in recognition of Memorial Day. Students in grades K-8 carried flowers to the Owen Park Dock, and tossed them into the harbor in memory of the servicemen and servicewomen who gave their lives for the country.


  1. Thank you to the children and teachers of the Tisbury school for giving us all the pleasure of seeing the pics of the happy faces and colorful hats and flags. It’s been such a challenging two years with little to smile about and these images were like a breathe of fresh air we all needed.

  2. Would’ve been nice to see in Edgartown but Edgartown decided it was too windy and dangerous. Glad to see at least one town got it right as I was sitting on Main Street bench waiting for the kids when I was told they were not coming. It’s the little things in life that you miss.

  3. it’s a shame the Edgartown administration decided to do their celebration inside due to “high winds”.

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