The majority wasn’t heard


To the Editor:

I am writing this letter to address the issues that have come about by a proposal to install a turf field at the high school. First, it should have been put to a community vote — that would have been the right way to start. Second, with the support of the community as it has, which is far more people than oppose, a secondary committee member should not have been able to kill this project. Without public discussion on the matter, or open board discussion, the 32-page letter sent by the planning board is inappropriate at best. 

Thank goodness someone is stepping in to hold this misguided, biased cancellation of a project to task. This is wanted by the majority of the public, as well as (generalization) most people who have ever played on these fields. The same thing has been done for these fields since it was installed. it’s obvious by the history grass isn’t maintainable. Nor is the fertilizer needed for that many grass fields. I’m curious how one can argue so fervently; when schools around the country who bill themselves as environmental schools have turf, how is this project any different? Mass Maritime has a turf field, not 200 feet from a huge river. Every single objection to the content of the field was addressed, every compromise given; this is solely obstruction tactics now.

Zeke Vought
Oak Bluffs