Updated June 15

A two-car crash occurred at the intersection of Franklin Street and Center Street in Vineyard Haven on Friday afternoon. A red Jeep collided with the front right side of a gray Honda Civic with Connecticut license plates and both vehicles ended up side-by-side on Center Street. 

Tisbury Police Chief Chris Habekost told the Times the Honda driver was pulling out of Center Street and “failed to yield to oncoming traffic,” which is how the Jeep driver that was traveling southbound on Franklin Street hit the car. 

Members of the Tisbury Police Department and Tisbury Fire Department responded to the crash, closing off Center Street and Franklin Street — up to its intersection with Church Street — to traffic until the vehicles could be moved.

Habekost said neither of the drivers was injured and nobody needed to be sent to the hospital. The Honda driver was given a courtesy transport to an address in Tisbury. 

Updated with more information about the collision from the Tisbury Police Department. 


  1. I’m as anti-Conneticut as the next guy, but I fail to see what mentioning that one car had it Connecticut plate brings to the article.

  2. The details of this accident are from the victim himself. I was Driving along Franklin headed to the stop sign at Spring Street. A car ran the stop sign on Center, traveling very fast, and came across Franklin just as I was driving by and I couldn’t prevent hitting her car. Could have killed me. Instead this “kid” killed my car. I now have no vehicle for the unforeseen months. One moment of complete stupidity and I suffer the consequences. But no. I was not physically hurt.

  3. That intersection is notorious for accidents.
    Recently a car inadvertently ended up. nose first, into the house on the north east corner.

    I suggest a raised sidewalk be put across center street, why not each corner to slow/stop traffic? Nationally it works and there is one in use now in front of Linda Jeans OB that can be seen.
    Save a life

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