Opposes Tabernacle expansion


To the Editor:

The Oak Bluffs zoning board of appeals will hold a public hearing on Thursday, June 23, regarding the Campground’s application for an addition to expand the use of the Tabernacle. I urge the zoning board of appeals to reject this application. The planning board approved the addition with the condition of getting a date from the Wastewater Commission for the 10 new hookups. These new hookups are NOT in the O.B. wastewater master plan. This 1,300-square-foot big box addition should not be allowed to be attached to the historic structure of the Tabernacle. The addition makes the Tabernacle a commercial venue, with 10 bathrooms and backstage area for talent, all designed to create new funding for the MVCMA. 

Even without sewer hookups, the MVCMA wants this addition even though this is in the middle of a residential neighborhood. This changes the nature of our historic neighborhood, with our 315 closely knit cottages. My cottage has been my family’s home for more than a century, and now will face a commercial venture. There is no parking for visitors, and no plans have made for the increase in traffic that 10 bathrooms will bring. The addition will change the nature of the park, as a retention pond or pit will need to be added and fenced off. A heating and AC unit will be installed and run year-round, ending the quiet of Trinity Park. This is a travesty that will lose the character of the Campground neighborhood. And going into debt nearly $2 million will tear the fabric of our Campground community apart. Everyone wants the roof replacement, a handicap lift for the stage, and better Porta-Potty screening, but not the addition which destroys the very nature of the Campground. 

Fred Rick Huss
Oak Bluffs