Aquinnah: Get ready, everyone

— Kyra Steck

Get ready, everyone, July starts next week.

Last week, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced that it selected Aquinnah and Chilmark as one of 12 competitively selected remote and island communities around the U.S. to help strengthen energy infrastructure, reduce the risk of outages, and improve their future energy and economic outlook. The following is from the DOE’s announcement: “Through the Energy Transitions Initiative Partnership Project (ETIPP), DOE and its national and regional partners will support projects in communities that, due to their geographic isolation, often face high energy costs and vulnerable energy infrastructure due to their increased risk of natural disasters and climate change. Aquinnah and Chilmark will work together on technical assistance in three areas to help them achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2040 with retrofits for municipal buildings, distributed energy resources, and microgrids. The project will help both towns identify suitable high-impact energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to improve energy resilience and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“ETIPP will leverage the world-class expertise of DOE’s experts and National Labs to advance local clean energy solutions and improve resilience for the 12 selected communities which, like other remote and island areas, often lack the financial resources and the access to experts to plan a clean energy transition. ETIPP employs local community leaders, residents, and organizations for a community-led and inclusive approach by identifying the energy challenges of each community and providing strategic assistance to help them determine and direct their energy transition.” This is exciting news for our town and for Chilmark, and will be a game-changer in helping us become more self-sufficient. Thank you, everyone who worked to make this happen.

Welcome back to Neva Goldstein, who is teaching Vinyasa yoga classes at Aquinnah Town Hall every Monday and Wednesday at 9 am through the summer. Class is $20; please bring your own mat.

The library has a lot of things happening this weekend. The book group is meeting this Thursday, June 23, at 3 pm. The group will be held on the library deck for a discussion of “The Argonauts” by Maggie Nelson. Email to register. The summer kickoff barbeque will be on Saturday, June 25, at noon, followed by a treasure box workshop taught by Jannette Vanderhoop at 1 pm.

Congratulations to Seth Woods, who just reopened the Home Port Restaurant last week. I hope they have a great season. Maybe the Bite could reopen as well?

This Thursday, June 23, from 12:30 to 2:45 pm at the MVRHS library, Bristol Community College will hold an enrollment session. Classes are designed specifically for Vineyard residents, and they are enrolling for fall 2022 in collaboration with Martha’s Vineyard Center for Education and Training (formerly ACE MV). If you are interested in working toward an associate degree or certificate, you may want to stop by. Courses include English, marine biology, and the College Success Seminar, which helps new students successfully transition to college. Wind certificate courses, fluid systems, and offshore safety will also be running this fall. You can complete your enrollment at the event and get help with FAFSA (honestly, it’s worth going just for that). Register for the event at For more information visit or email

On Friday, June 24, at 7 pm at the Grange Hall, the Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival will premiere “Great Ponds, Episode 1: On Our Watch.” This is a free screening, followed by a conversation with director Ollie Becker, Vineyard Conservation Society ecologist Jeremy Houser, and others. The film is part of a three-part series about the health and history of the greaat ponds, and what needs to be done to help them survive. TMVFF has announced its drive-in schedule as well. Films will be shown at the drive-in behind the ice rink beginning July 1. Go to for the complete lineup; all films are pay what you can.

Happy birthday to Mary McConneloug, June 24, and to Kristina Metros, June 25. Happy birthday to this delightful trio of birthdays: Alexander Weinstein, Jonathan Kaye, and Marcy Brown all celebrate on June 27.

Juneteenth and Father’s Day were both this past Sunday. Happy Father’s Day to C.J., Jed, Curtis, Peter, Jim N., Jim W., Adam, Mike, Jay B., Jay S., Taylor, Jimmy S., Jimmy B., Lang, Leigh, Jeffery, Jason, Jerry, Spa, Vern, Bruce I., Todd, Eddie, Phil, Steve, Bruce E., Shawn, Isaac, Hugh, Paul, Derrill, Jim V., Vernon, Spencer, Darrin, Jay T., Eric, Taylor, Gary, Nick, Len, Phil, Francis, Elliott, Frank, Patrick, Alan, Tom, Seth, Woody, Chip, Buddy, David, and Cully, and in loving memory of Luther and Ricky.

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