Beach Road Weekend offers Island exclusive tickets 

Beach Road Tickets are on sale at Black Dog. — Natalie Aymond

On Friday, June 24, and Saturday, June 25, various locations on the Island will have limited tickets available for this year’s Beach Road Weekend festival presented by Black Dog. These locations include the Black Dog store on Water Street in Vineyard Haven, the Black Dog Store on Water Street in Edgartown, the Black Dog store on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs, as well as at the Beach Road Weekend Festivals Office on State Road in Vineyard Haven. 

The available tickets are single-day passes for an Island exclusive price of $150. The quantity of these tickets is limited and will only be offered in person on Island as a way to give back to residents in light of the festival being a celebration of the Island, according to a press release.

The festival will take place Friday, August 26, through Sunday, August 28, at the Veterans Memorial Park in Vineyard Haven. This three-day event will feature many artists throughout the three days, The Avett Brothers, Beck, and Wilco, among others.

More information on tickets and dates can be found at


  1. Exclusive! Exclusive! Only $150/day! Limited time only. Let’s squeeze out as much bigger, better, longer, and more to “give back” to an island whose audible sigh of relief could always be heard that last week of August in previous years. Let’s ruin the island even more when there’s fun to be had and money to be made. After all, fun and money are all that matter. You too can spend your $150 per day, or $450 for all 3 days, and help contribute to the loss of what life used to be like when the “season” finally ended and we entered a quieter time. In fact, many visitors will come after the busiest season so they can enjoy the island without that which these money-making huge events bring here. But hey, money and fun and crowds and trash. Did I mention there’s money to be made from ruining the island? What a thoughtful gift.

    This article reads like a late night TV ad on some channel that only insomniacs watch in hopes it will put them to sleep. Limited time only, lol. Hurry up and spend your money.

    • When, exactly, did your version of the island exist? I’ve read many a great news clipping talking about the No Nukes show, the Livestock show the JT and Carly, concerts at the Mooncusser, Wintertide, AC, and the Roof.

      The island I know and have read extensively was the place where anything could happen, concerts, festivals, demolition derbies, business created anywhere and everywhere, and where families came here to be part of that limitless potential and make it their home.

      Why do you constantly impugn us for doing what’s been native to this island’s DNA?

      Your MAGA-like fantasy of the island seems to be borne of baseless but wishful dreams of you alone on it.

      • Adam, elitist, tiered, $2000-$2500/person Skydeck tix are strictly an off-island phenomenon, having nothing to do with our past or present community. Islanders are not interested in schlock merchandise.
        Do the 2+ grand tickets that come with access to flushing toilets mean that the $150 “gift” you’ve allowed the hoi polloi to spend on their tix, come with a pot?
        The problem you can’t/won’t/don’t see is that our small island is NOT a place of “limitless possibilities”. That’s the crux of the matter. The people who think so and insist on getting a piece of whatever it is they make claim to, are ruining it for everyone. More people, more traffic, more waste, but more money for those who want to squeeze out as much as they can for as long as they can. As long as you see a fragile, finite island as a place with “limitless possibilities” (your term) to abuse in the name of whatever excuse you substitute for greed and selfishness and arrogance, then I will indeed criticize the damage you bring to the Vineyard way of life. I hope that’s more clear.

        • Jackie, there you go again.

          Your unbelievable coded and outright arrogance and elitist bigotry spills out again and again. Listen to your self-righteousness. I know that you think that you alone are the arbiter of what limits there are, but no one else would agree, because no one can see where the Jackie Mendez bar is set except for Jackie Mendez wanting everyone to go away.

          As far as ticket pricing…say I’ve got a $5,000,000 break even. I can charge everyone $500, and itll be tough for many walks of life to enjoy the music. Or I can achieve the $5mill in revenue by charging $99 to thousands and $2500 to a few.

          I like the tiered approach, but leave it to you to pick on a tiny factor, ignoring the big picture, and attempting to use it to malign the whole thing.

          I’m honored that you have to reach so low as to pick on a small piece of a big picture to find it’s flaws, maligning a great effort including hundreds of islanders working together, all of whom create an event that comes and goes without incident, and modest physical impact. We are always working towards mitigating that physical impact, and never stop striving for a lesser and lesser footprint while leaving the islands music and recreational community better than we started.

          You just spew sky-is-falling narratives without understanding the process, and how you can actually improve it without obliterating it from the island completely.

          Perhaps you will eventually come to learn that trolling message boards online is not the way to actually effect change, but that engaging people and community can.

          With that, I’ll leave you to your cave.

          • Adam.

            It’s always great public relations to advertise exactly who and what you are all about, allowing people to see how you conduct yourself in a public forum.

            Hope you feel better.

  2. $150 is the price online for tickets. Not really an exclusive island thing. You can get in line for them by signing up to be a “Beach Road Insider” online. Nice PR campaign.

    • You “got me,” Dave. I’m not asking people if they live on island when they buy a ticket. That would be discriminatory. But, by only enabling ticket sales in person, on island only, I can make sure that locals have a great chance to get them before anyone else.

      Would you prefer I ask for a DNA lineage before we sell people tickets, or force them to produce a utility bill?

      Or is it sufficient to just keep sales offline and only sell them from the old Educomp shop?

      What would you prefer?

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