EMT accused of assault resigns

Tad Medeiros, seen here at his April arraignment, has resigned from the Oak Bluffs Fire Department. -Rich Saltzberg

Oak Bluffs EMT and Fire Captain Tad Medeiros has resigned from his full-time position after being placed on paid administrative leave in April. Medeiros was arrested in April, and was charged with assault and battery. He pleaded not guilty. The alleged assault was against a household or family member, with whom there exists a restraining order.

What was previously characterized by his attorney as an “alcohol-related event” led Medeiros to be released on $200 bail, and to receive treatment. 

Medeiros served as captain of Engine 3 in the Oak Bluffs Fire Department; his responsibilities now lie on the shoulders of Engine 4 senior Capt. Nelson Dickson and Capt. Jimmy Maseda, O.B. Fire-EMS Chief Nelson Wirtz told The Times.

Additionally, Medeiros is on an “extended leave of absence” from his nonsalaried duties, with specifics yet to be determined, said Wirtz. He said the department is still working out details, and as of now there are no planned replacements.


  1. …..and yet a high profile law enforcement officer on MV, also involved in “an alcohol related incident” did not have the dignity to resign his public position? Instead choosing to act like business as usual in that remote MV town.
    Nice to see uniform standards from our public servants.

      • Uniform or not. Assault and battery with a restraining order in place is indicative of a problem.

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