South Beach under dangerous surf advisory

South Beach on a much calmer day. A dangerous surf advisory was announced for South Beach. — Eunki Seonwoo

The Edgartown Parks Department issued an advisory to swimmers at South Beach for the third time this week on Friday, with 6-foot swells and strong rip currents making for some potentially dangerous surf. The advisory was shared on the Edgartown Parks Department Facebook page around 11 am. “Dangerous surf advisory again for today at South Beach,” the advisory reads. “High tide will be at 4:08 pm, so the surf will be building until then.” With such large waves and a powerful rip current, lifeguard staff recommend that only strong, experienced swimmers brave the water. “And as always, the safest place to swim is in front of the lifeguard stand,” the post continues. Two other swimming advisories were issued this week — one on July 19 and another on July 20.