Camp Jabberwocky to hang banner in Edgartown

Camp Jabberwocky will hang a "Run for Jabberwocky" banner above Edgartown's Main Street. — MV Times

The Edgartown select board unanimously approved Camp Jabberwocky to hang a “Run for Jabberwocky” banner on Main Street, in front of the Wharf, from August 13 to 20. The banner will be advertising the camp’s Run for Jabberwocky 5K race

“The date of the activity is on August 20,” board member Margaret Sherpa said. 

“I’ll move it subject to Kristy [Rose] telling me that it’s in our schedule,” board member Art Smadbeck said. After select board administrative assistant Kristy Rose gave a thumbs-up, the board cast their approving vote.

In other business, the board unanimously approved Martha’s Vineyard Museum’s request for a one-day liquor license for a Cooke House special event on Friday, August 12. 

The board unanimously approved two commitments from Edgartown harbormaster Charles Blair. One is the annual mooring and stake fees for 2022, which is $400 per stake. The other is an abatement “in the amount of $600 for [three] moorings” for the annual mooring and stake fees for 2022. According to Sara Tiemann, administrative assistant to the harbormaster, the abatement would only take effect if someone no longer used these moorings.


  1. I must have read your headline too quickly, I thought it said “Camp Jabberwocky to hang Bannon in Edgartown.”
    (I afraid to make any follow up observations, less I get in further trouble)

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