Veterans’ Corner


August 2022

SCAM ALERT! There are a number of scams targeting veterans, so please be wary of anyone asking for money. As a rule of thumb, the VA will never call for money. If you ever have any questions, ask me!

Scam 1  
“VA Administration” asking for money.
The VA will not call and ask for money. If there is any transaction, it will be through official mail.

Scam 2 
Unfortunately, people are already looking to the Camp Lejeune water lawsuit to get a federal payout.  As of right now, this is not true. I am working with other Veterans Agents to set up a standard packet to submit to the VA and government.

Please reach out if you have any questions, or if you are contacted by “the VA” for money.

Randy Dull
Veterans Agent
O: 508-693-6887