Bad plan for Tashmoo


To the Editor: 

I am very concerned about the Tisbury harbormaster’s plan to use plastic geo-grid to stabilize the volatile parking lot at Tashmoo Beach. The harbormaster went to the conservation commission for permission to lay down plastics in the Tashmoo Beach parking lot as a stabilizer and cover it with stone.

They approved it. With little question. This material known as geo-grid is held down with spikes, imported from Ukraine (Vodaland) and made from HDPE plastic. The conservation commission did not even discuss PFAS. Is this an appropriate material to use in fragile Tashmoo? What happens when storms wash through the parking lot, as they often do, and break up the plastic, sending it into Tashmoo? Imagine bits of plastic floating in Tashmoo. The harbormaster told the conservation commission he will remove it if a storm threatens. That is impossible; there is no practical way to remove it. This is a bad idea, and the public needs to be informed.


Lynne Fraker
Vineyard Haven