A musical tribute to Henry Bowman Backer

(L to R): Anthony Esposito, Phil Phil daRosa, Ted McGuiness, Sean McMahon and Siren Mayhew play music on South Beach in honor of Henry Bowman Backer as Julie Olsen Scott arranges flowers in the foreground. — Rich Saltzberg

Tuesday evening, in honor of Henry Bowman Backer, a 3-year-old boy who drowned in the pool of a private club in Edgartown a year ago, friends and loved ones gathered on South Beach for music and remembrance. In June, the Field Club pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter for Henry’s death. Dukes County Superior Court Judge Mark Gildea described the crime as one characterized by “wanton or reckless conduct.” In the courtroom, through a video montage, Henry’s parents made it clear Henry had a great love of music as a listener, a player, and as a dancer. Musicians Anthony Esposito, Phil daRosa, Ted McGuiness, Sean McMahon, and Siren Mayhew played music before a beach fire and flower arrangements. Flowers were later cast into the Atlantic in Henry’s memory.


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